Badminton Vs Tennis: 10 Major Differences

Badminton and Tennis 10 differences

Badminton and Tennis are both racket sports played on a rectangular court with a net in the middle. Badminton originated in India almost a thousand years ago, whereas tennis originated in England during the 1870s.

Both these sports can be played individually and in sets of two, as there are many things in common, but also there are many differences between these two sports.

So, let’s dive in and know about these differentiations:

1. Scoring System

Both badminton and tennis adopt a matching system using sets.

The only difference between badminton and tennis is that in badminton, there are 2 or 3 sets, and the player who reaches the number 21 first, with a difference of 2 points, will win the particular set and to win a match; a player has to win two sets out of these three.

Whereas in tennis, the calculation of points is more complex. Tennis adopts a 15, 30, and 40-point system to achieve 1 point.

2. Speed

People often think that tennis courts are bigger and rackets are heavier, so the ball’s speed will also be higher. But it isn’t so; according to Guinness World Records, the fastest shot in tennis is 263km/hr, and the fastest shot in badminton is recorded at 426km/hr, which means badminton is a faster sport than tennis. 

3. Equipment

The equipment used in badminton and tennis varies as a tennis racket weighs between 250-360 grams, slightly heavier than a badminton racket. On the other hand, an ideal badminton racket weighs less than a hundred grams.

A shuttlecock is used in badminton, whereas a hard-felt ball is used in tennis.

The Shoes used in badminton and tennis also vary in specifications, as tennis shoes are typically flattering with specifically designed patterns on the sole. In contrast, badminton requires non-marking shoes for indoor courts.

4. Court Layout and Size

As I have already mentioned above, tennis and badminton are played on a rectangular court, but the layout and dimensions of these courts are different compared to each other.
A tennis court measures 78 feet in length and 36 feet in width, whereas a badminton court measures 44 feet in length and 20 feet in width.

Tennis courts are twice doubled in size of an average badminton court.

The nets in these sports are also different in shape and size, as a tennis net is placed approximately 36 inches above the ground; on the other hand, a badminton net is placed 60 inches above the ground.

5. Indoor/ Outdoor sport

Badminton is a recreational sport played indoors and outdoors, but people usually love playing this sport in the garden, on beaches, and backyards. But this sport is officially indexed in the list of the indoor sport by BWF.

On the other hand, tennis is played outdoors on a clay, synthetic, or grass surface. You can also play tennis indoors, but all major tournaments take place in an outdoor environment.

6. Worldwide Participation

You might be surprised after knowing that badminton is the second most popular sport in the world after football, and according to BWF, 339 million people play badminton daily worldwide. On the other hand, tennis is the 6th most popular and participated sport in the world. According to surveys and research, it is estimated that over 60 million people play this sport daily worldwide.

7. Service

Service is one of the important aspects of racket sports, and tennis and badminton have different serving patterns. In badminton, serves are performed below the waistline and underhand, whereas in tennis, a service can be done overhand and underhand. Moreover, in tennis, you get a second opportunity if you fault the first service, which is not applicable in badminton.

8. Standard Shots

Talking about badminton, then there are 6 major shots apart from service, which includes: a clear, drop, drive, lift, smash, and dribble.
On the other hand, there are 4 major shots played in tennis, including a drop, forehand/backhand groundstrokes, lob and a volley.

9. Footwork

The footwork patterns between tennis and badminton are slightly different; in badminton, players perform more lunges and jumps, whereas, in tennis, players perform more sharp moves, running, and abrupt starts and stops.

10. Difficulty

Badminton is not an easy sport, and neither is tennis; both these sports have their different
challenges and excitements. In badminton, players struggle to keep the shuttlecock in the air and try to land it on the opponent’s court. Therefore, the game of badminton also often presents an attractive, fast game.

Meanwhile, in tennis, the ball is allowed to bounce once on its own playing court. However,
bouncing the ball is a challenge and has its own uniqueness.

A tennis player must be able to guess the direction of the ball’s reflection before turning the ball as a counter-attack to the opponent’s playing field.

Final Words

I hope you liked the post. Although badminton and tennis are both racket sports, with the help of this post, you can easily differentiate between them.

Also, these basics will help you identify your sport and allow you to play it adequately.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your racket and start practicing.

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