Tennis is turning into esport with reduced human element: Mats Wilander

If you look at the way Tennis is being played at the International circuit in last few years with an electronic line calling system instead of human line judges seven-times Grand Slam champion Mats Wilander stated that the sport if not protected will surely turn into esport.

It all started with the Australian Open where the organizers replaced on-court officials with the electronic system and If reports are to believed US Open management is looking the use the same technology in their Grand slam which will be held in 2021 later this year.

Australian Open

“I like line umpires and I liked the challenge system where we had three challenges,” Wilander told Reuters.

“I thought that added something in tennis that we have lost.

“We have so many unbelievable rallies among the best players in the world at times.

“(Alexander) Zverev and (Matteo) Berrettini in Madrid – I mean the points that they played sometimes were just insane. But probably more than 50% of the points were not more than two shots.”

Due to electronic system and reducing the help of Human element in tough calls is certainly delivering faster result at the same time which has removed the challenge system that allowed players to contest calls made by the judges.

“I think it was some kind of intrigue where the player had to choose,” said Wilander, who helped design the NeuroTennis smart wristband which helps players track statistics and also provides coaching instructions.

“‘Okay, is this a big enough point where I need to challenge?’ I thought that was an interesting twist. It made the player think even more. Now we have no line calling. I think it just takes away some of the personality that’s on the court.”

However French Open is still relying on the human element rather than focusing on electronic signals to make decisions in the crunch moments of the game.