Team Which Fall Prey To Australia In WTC Excelling Against West Indies


The Indian cricket team has been in a bit of a strange state in recent months. On the one hand, they have been playing some excellent cricket against the West Indies in a Test series. On the other hand, they failed miserably in the WTC final against Australia, losing by 209 runs.

The performances of the Indian team in Knock out matches have been a question mark as they have failed after coming very close to winning the game. The same team lost to New Zealand in the final of the World Test Championship.

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The performances of some players raise questions on their presence in the team. On one hand, the Indian team performs brilliantly and makes it to the knock out and then lose to even subpar teams. What thing causes the defeat of all the lost matches in knockout matches that India have almost won.

What is causing this disparity in performance? One possibility is that the Indian team is simply better suited to playing in the West Indies than they are in Australia. The West Indies pitches are generally flatter and slower than Australia pitches, which suits the Indian team’s batting style. The Indian bowlers also seem to be more effective in the West Indies, where they can exploit the lack of swing and seam movement.

Another possibility is that the Indian team was simply not as prepared for the WTC final as they should have been. They had a long and tiring IPL season just before the final, and they may not have had enough time to recover. They also had to deal with the pressure of being the favourites to win the final, which may have affected their performance.

Whatever the reason for the disparity in performance, it is clear that the Indian team is a very talented side. They have a number of world-class players in their ranks, and they are capable of beating any team on their day. However, they need to be more consistent if they want to achieve their full potential.

One of the key players for India in the West Indies has been Yashasvi Jaiswal. The young opener has scored a century in the first inning of the 1st Test match. Jaiswal has been in good form in the Tests. Jaiswal is a technically-sound batsman who is very good at playing on slow pitches. He is also a very aggressive batsman, which makes him a great fit for the West Indies conditions.

Another key player for India has been Rohit Sharma. The captain has been in excellent form in Tests against West Indies. He has hit a century in the first innings of the first Test against WI.

The Indian team will be hoping that they can continue their good form in the upcoming Test series against England. If they can do that, they will be well-placed to challenge for the Ashes later this year.