Apex Legends Developers Reverse Accidental Changes to Resurrection Ranked Lockout

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has corrected a mistake in the Apex Legends Resurrection update that happened earlier this week. This mistake lowered the level needed to play ranked matches from 50 to 20.

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Before this update, players needed to be level 50 to play ranked matches. However, after the Resurrection update on August 8th, some players with lower levels noticed they could play ranked. It took a few days for Respawn to realize the mistake, and they confirmed that this change wasn’t meant to happen. They fixed it and talked about it in a tweet on August 10th.

For the players who took advantage of this mistake and played ranked at a lower level, Respawn said they can keep the progress they made during that time. But they’ll only be able to see that progress and continue from where they left off once they reach level 50.

Players were happy that the Apex developers quickly fixed the problem. They also used this chance to talk about other problems they want to be solved. One problem is that some players get disconnected right at the beginning of a match. This makes it seem like they are leaving the game on purpose, even though it’s not their fault. Another issue is that players can’t rejoin a match if they crash or get disconnected.

It’s important to mention that Respawn purposely made some changes to the ranked system in the update. They’ve been doing this in the past updates as they work on improving the system. Now, it’s easier to lose LP (a ranking measure) and tougher to earn it. Also, bonus points will show up less often. If players end up in the 11th to 13th places in Diamond rank or higher, they’ll lose 45 LP. If they’re in lower ranks, they’ll lose 75 LP.