Stephen curry reportedly the first NBA player to be tested positive for COVID-19

Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry is believed to be the first-ever NBA player to have taken a test for the coronavirus, as reported by Ramona Shelburne of ESPN. 

It was on March 7 when the Golden State Warriors had announced that Stephen Curry was tested positive for Influenza-A, but didn’t have the Coronavirus.

“Stephen Curry is believed to have been the first player to have taken a test for the virus. On March 7, the Golden State Warriors said he’d tested positive for influenza-A and didn’t have COVID-19. The Warriors declined to officially say if Curry was tested, but coach Steve Kerr told reporters he believed Curry had been,” Shelburne quoted. 

The NBA had suspended the whole season last Wednesday after Utah Jazz Center player Rudy Gobert was tested positive of the virus. Soon his teammate Donovan Mitchell was tested positive as well. Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors had announced that none of their players had been tested yet due to the shortage of the because of the shortage of testing kits and asymptomatic people in California shouldn’t be tested yet. 

Curry has played only five games for the Warriors this season because of the hand injury, but then the season was banned after he returned to the side. The two-time MVP and three-times title-holder has averaged 20.8 points, 5.2 rebounds and 6.6 assists in the season so far. In his absence, the Warriors hasn’t been able to play well that can be seen from their ranking in the Western Conference. There is no chance they will even qualify for the playoffs this season after going into the finals for the five consecutive seasons.