Stefanos Tsitsipas complains to Umpire about fan imitating a Bee during Cincinnati open

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Greece born 25-year-old Tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas was left irritated by a fan in the crowd during a Round of 32 clash against Ben Shelton in the Cincinnati Open. Tsitsipas apparently heard the sound of a Bee whenever he tried to take a serve, making him think that there is a Bee in the court.

He was also seen swinging his Racquet in the air to clear off any invading Bee but it was actually a spectator in the stands who was buzzing behind Tsitsipas. The Greek was in obvious confusion and he was seemingly frustrated too.

When he realized that it was actually someone in the crowd, Stefanos wasted no time to walk up to the umpire and complain the incident. “There’s a person imitating a bee behind me. It’s a buzz right before I serve. Do you think that’s okay.” – Tsitsipas told the umpire. 

After discussing with the umpire, he went towards the spectators behind him in order to find who was making that sound. As he found out that an aged Lady was making the Buzz sound, Tsitsipas went to the umpire again and asked him to get her out of the court.

In a viral 1:39 minute video on X, Tsitsipas said that he knows the fans behind are supporting Ben Shelton but he was irritated by the way that Lady was distracting him with the Bee sound. It has never happened in my career. I know they are supporting the other player but i want her out of the court.” – Tsitsipas added. 

During the game, Tsitsipas lost just three points on his first serves, securing a victory over Shelton with a score of 7-6(3) 7-6(2). This win paved the way for a forthcoming encounter against Hubert Hurkacz from Poland. Hurkacz had previously halted Borna Coric’s attempt to defend his title.