Star Footballer Gareth Bale’s left foot repotedly insured for a whopping $126 Mn

Gareth Bale does not intend to leave Madrid- Jonathan Barnett

Gareth Bale

As per the report published on UK Daily Mail about star footballer Gareth Bale who plays for Spanish giants Real Madrid has revealed about his left foot is insured with experts estimating it could be worth up to $100 Million (126 Million).

As the Real Madrid Star who hails from Welsh has a policy about his left foot insurance in case it gets injured means he can’t play there will be an insurance cover roughly around $126 Million.

He was talking about this on the podcast where he confirmed that yes that insurance cover is there but he refuses to reveal the exact amount of Insurance.

As the insurance of celebrity body parts is relatively common and often encompasses huge amounts. 

Let’s talk about some celebrities from all walks of life and about their insurance cover in detail here

  1. David Beckham’s body is insured for $195 million.
  2. Taylor Swift the famous singer insured her body for $44 million.
  3. Julia Roberts’ smile is worth 24.5 million USD 15 million USD in insurance for Kim Kardashian’s curves.
  4. The pilot of Formula 1 Fernando Alfonso insured his thumbs for 11.7 million USD

Several fans have already started giving their opinion on the social platform as half of them feels that Bale has brought laurels for the club on several occasions and his insured amount is not up to the mark as it doesn’t meet the standard of the champion.