Srikanth Kidambi – Personal Informotion And Career Achievements

Kidambi Srikanth

Srikanth Kidambi is one of the, if not the, most famous badminton players in the entire world. In the entirety of India,Srikanth  Kidambi is known as the very finest player too, and in April 2018, this player became the top-ranked tennis player in the entire world. He began his professional career in 2011, and slowly but steadily paved his way to becoming the very best tennis player in the entire world. After winning a silver and a bronze medal in the 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games, he established himself as a best new talent on the rise.

He is a player, like most players, but has indeed taken the style to new heights, as no tennis player has ventured into the lands of fame, glory, and skill that Srikanth has.

 Kidambi Srikanth

He is coached by Pullela Gopichand, who is known as one of the finest coaches in the entirety of India. Although Srikanth himself has a lot of raw talent, an amount that can be matched by few players, he attributes most of his success to his coach, who helped him refine the talent and turn himself into one of the best players in the entire world.

Personal Information

 Kidambi Srikanth

  • Srikanth Kidambi was born on 7th February 1993, in Ravulapalem, Andhra Pradesh, India. He started playing badminton with the boys of his locality from a quite young age, where he used to amaze most of them with just how good at the game he was. His reflexes for the game have often been called unmatched, as there are few badminton players in the entire world who can match Srikanth’s reflexes, speed, and playing capacity.
  • Srikanth stands an average man at 1.77 meters (5 feet, 10 inches), a height that is considered to be quite normal for an Indian man. A light weighted man, he weighs in at 73 kilograms.
  • His win to loss record is 205 wins to 99 losses. This is considered to be a quite good record, as he has won most of the tournaments he has participated in, with the only losses being due to bad luck or other circumstances.
  • He is the only Indian in badminton history to have reached the ranking of number 1 in the entire world, and this is undoubtedly the highest point of his career. He reached the ranking of number 1 on 12th April 2018.
  • Although he once ranked at the very top of the badminton chart in the entire world, he now ranks at number 8. This is the result of a string of bad luck matches in the start of the 2018-2019 season, where Srikanth lost pretty early in the matches. During the latter part of the year though, he once again managed to get to the number one ranking for a week.

Famous Tournaments Participated in

 Kidambi Srikanth

2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games: This is another one of the finest examples of his playing prowess, as he won a gold medal and a silver medal in this tournament. The gold medal is for the Mixed Team event, while the Silver was awarded to him for the Men’s Singles Event. He gave an excellent performance in this tournament, and it was one of the better matches in the year for Srikanth.

2016 Guwahati South Asian Games: His performance in this tournament was beyond reproach, as he managed to win no less than two gold medals in it, something that really established him as the absolute best badminton player in the entirety of India. The Gold Medals were for the Men’s team and the Men’s Single Event, and are another one of the examples of occasions when Srikanth has brought out the very best in himself.

2011 Douglas Commonwealth Youth Games: This is one of the earlier examples of the talent that Srikanth possesses for the game, as he won a silver medal for the Mixed Doubles and a bronze medal for the Boys’ Doubles in this game. He really showed his talent in this match, as the audience was amazed by the new talent on the field.

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