Squash Game Rules: Doubles, Singles, Scoring, Service & Strokes Rules

Squash Game

Squash Game

Squash sport is an indoor sport. It is a ball-based sport played by two (single squash) or four(double squash) players. It is played in a four-walled court with a hollow and small rubber ball. It is a fantastic game for fitness and health benefits. It has also been recognized for the Olympic Games.

# Squash Sport Origination:

squash history

  • The former name of this game is ‘squash rackets’ as the ball used for this game is soft i.e., squashable and is played by using rackets.
  • It was invented in a school named Harrow School in 1830.
  • The idea of Squash was drawn from the racket games. Laminated timber was used to make squash rackets initially.
  • However, it got modified for lighter materials and gut strings got replaced by synthetic strings.
  • This Squash sport gained popularity in the 19th century and gradually got space in various schools, clubs and at private game zones.
  • United States Squash Rackets Association (USSRA), now known as U.S.Squash is the world’s first national association of squash.
  • At present, the World Squash Federation (WSF) is recognized as the governing body of Squash. This game is very popular in the world yet, it is not a part of the Olympic Games.


# Types of Equipment:

Squash Equipment

Traditionally, rackets were used to made with laminated wood and gut strings. After the modifications in rules, standard rackets made up of composition materials or metals and synthetic strings. The average weight of such rackets ranges between 90-150 grams.

Squash balls, weighing 23 to 25 grams, are made up by adhering two pieces of rubber to form a hollow sphere with a matte finish by buffing. However, different balls are used depending upon the temperature, atmospheric conditions and type of games as experienced players use balls with less bounce as compared to non-experienced one. The type of rubber used in the composition of the squash balls makes it bounce more at higher temperatures. This is the reason why as the match warms up, the ball starts bouncing more and more. There are many types of balls available depending upon the choice of player and other conditions. There are colour codes of balls which can be brought as per the standard of game e.g., double yellow ball is extra slow and it is used only by expert players.

Talking about the clothing, it should be comfortable enough to move the body freely. There are not many restrictions on the outfit. However, it is directed to wear goggles with polycarbonate lenses for eye protection.

Squash Court

Squash rules

  • A squash court is a four-walled court having a front line separating the front and back of the court while a half-court line, separating left and right sides of the back portion of the court.
  • Three boxes: the first half, the back left quarter and the back right quarter are created by the front line and half-court line.
  • The front wall has the largest playing surface, while the back wall having the smallest.
  • There are no lines on the walls other than the front one.
  • If the ball strikes above or touching the outline or any other wall you are out.
Squash Rules:

Squash Sport

It is like a never-ending game because of the enclosure of the court. It is fastly played so you require great stamina to play hard. Even you can start building yours by initiating squash. Squash is relatively cheap and so easy to start. The spinning of the racket is done to decide the person who will serve first. Serving is done through the left or right of the service box. It is mandatory for the player to keep one foot in the service box. Conditionally, not to touch any part of the service line box while striking the ball.

The receiver can choose to volley a serve after it has hit the front wall. The two players switch sides for the point if the server wins the point.  After the service, the players gain the speed by taking turns to the ball against the front wall, above the tin and below the outline. The ball can strike the side or back walls any time until it hits below the outline. The ball must not hit the floor after being hit by the racket or before hitting the front wall. If it strikes either the outline or the line along the top of the tin, then it is declared to be out. Players are free to move anywhere in the court but should not cause any accidental or intentional obstacle to the other player’s game.

Squash scoring system got modified many times. Commonly, it consists of sets of 11 points but if both players are on 10-10, then the game continues till the time there is 2 points difference between them. There is also another scoring system depending upon the region where it is played.

Advantages of Playing Squash Sport

Squash Court

Playing squash sport can improve your health a lot. According to studies, there are many fitness benefits of playing squash. It has been considered as the healthiest sport. Here are some major benefits:

  • It is an extraordinary cardiovascular workout.
  • It is an excellent sport to burn 600-1000 calories per day.
  • It conducts blood circulation in legs and arms especially.
  • It improves aerobic fitness, with more oxygen circulation in the body for better muscular endurance.
  • It boosts flexibility and sprint speed.
  • It also works on reflexes of the body due to its fast-paced nature.
  • It also lets the body to improve mental strength as it engages the body by keeping full concentration on the game.


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However, this game is not appropriate for oldies and heart-patients. Squash is emerging as a global game. It is being played in over 180 countries. It is hoped that it will be listed under the Olympic Games soon. Moreover, it has been played in the sports events of the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games. It is a regular sport at the Pan American Games. The World Squash Federation is putting a strong bid for potential inclusion at the 2024 Summer Olympics.

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