Sports Harsh Reality: Once an Indian Football Player now delivering Food in Zomato to fulfil daily needs

Poulami Adhikari

Life is unpredictable and full of ups and downs, and nothing ever seems to turn out the way you had planned for your career.

I’m going to share a sad story with you in this post on the state of Indian sports, one that will leave you crying and feeling very upset.

Due to insufficient resources for recovery and rehabilitation, Indian women’s footballer Poulami Adhikari, who represented her nation at the international level, had to give up her career in football and accept a position as a food delivery executive at Zomato in order to support herself.

She continues to make time for practise in the hopes of returning to the national team.

She disclosed in an interview that has gone viral on social media that her family’s financial position is not ideal and that she has chosen to work to support the family because her father’s line of work as a driver makes it impossible for him to care for the family.

After the video of her interview went viral, AIFF contacted Poulami, who later represented India at the 2016 Homeless World Cup in Scotland. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that her situation improves so she can concentrate on her football.

Kalyan Chaubey has taken over as president of the AIFF in lieu of Praful Patel, while Shaji Prabhakaran has been appointed as the new secretary. Together, they have developed a blueprint for the AFC that will focus on making India the top team in the Asian Continent by the year 2047.