Shoaib Akhtar accepts Rajasthan Royals’ challenge of facing Jofra Archer

Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar accepted IPL team Rajasthan Royals’ challenge of batting against their star pacer and England international Jofra Archer.

Days after Pakistani actor and singer Ali Zafar locked horns with Akhtar on the field, Royals challenged the latter to face Archer next time.

Hey @AliZafarsays @shoaib100mph, that looks like fun. How about facing @jofraarcher next?” the inaugural IPL champions tweeted.

In reply, Akhtar, who is now retired, readily agreed and stated that they only need the time and the location to turn up and face the spirited West Indian, who now plays for England.

Well everyone knows there’s only one way i do it @rajasthanroyals. “Tu time aur jagah bata” Lol Right @AliZafarsays ?”, was Akhtar’s reply.

The Pakistani has been very active on his YouTube channel of late, and regularly posts videos and airs his opinions on the latest happenings in the world of cricket. His videos had made waves during the World Cup this year, after he was critical of his national team, and questioned their commitment and the fitness levels in the sport.

Last week, Akhtar had asked Zafar to face off against him on the field and complimented him by saying that he had heard good things about the actors’ cricketing skills.

Suna hai bara cricketer hai tu @AliZafarsays ??” he had tweeted.

In reply, Zafar sent across a tonge in cheek tweet. “Suna hai bari bowling kerwaate hain aap :).”

Subsequently, the two met on the field and in the video posted by Akhtar, he bowled a fast one that left Zafar befuddled, and even seemed to hurt his hand. Zafar tweeted, that it appeared that the ball was sent down at a speed of over 172 miles per hour!

Akhtar in his heydays had troubled the best of batters, with his biggest challenge coming against Sachin Tendulkar. However, the Indian ended with the upper hand, as he stroked a classic 98 in a World Cup game against Pakistan, in particular taking Akhtar apart.

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