Several qualifying events of Tokyo Olympics to be postponed due to coronavirus


A lot of athletes give their heart and soul with the sole purpose of winning medals and bring glory for there country. Performance, practice, and being discipline are some of the things which are in your control but you cannot do anything about the factors which are not. 

And the news which is making the headlines is one of them. “Several qualifying events of Tokyo Olympics 2020 will be postponed due to coronavirus concern”. 


Summer games related to track and field that was scheduled in (Nanjing) China on February 12-13 will be postponed considering the impact of the coronavirus.

The decision was taken by World Athletics, track and field’s international governing body, who issued a statement “The advice we have received from the medical team who are in contact with Who(World Health Organization), that impact of the virus that is spreading inside and outside China.”

Athletes will not take risk of participating in the qualifying rounds and also the public will not take a keen interest in arriving at the venue and cheer for their favourite athlete.

The impact of the virus is as such that it has killed 132 and infected 6100 residents.


The biggest problem is unable to find the right vaccination for this disease and due to which Who has proposed a plan to declare this as “Global Health Emergency”.

The government has already declared that travellers should avoid travelling to china for non-essentials work.

The alarming rate at which this virus is spreading not just within the county but also outside the country is a wake-up call for everyone.

Han Xiao (Chairman of Athletics Advisory Council) has proposed that “Keeping in mind the health of all athletes the qualifying events should be canceled and relocate at some other place if the athlete and council are on the same page”.

However, already boxing qualifying event that was supposed to be held at Wuhan has been shifted to Amman keeping in mind of Boxing Fears”

“As the impact of coronavirus concerns is so huge that at Wuhan the local slaughtering shops have been shut so that the virus should not be spread any more”.