Terrorist & Cyber Attack Threat Looms Over Tokyo Olympics 2020

The summer Olympic that are scheduled to be held in Tokyo Japan is marred by the risk of cyber and drone attacks. The Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games are scheduled to be held in the Japanese capital of Tokyo in July-August this year. Japan’s National Intelligence Agency has issued a warning that ‘state funded’ cyber attackers can hit at the Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games. Apart from this, it has also been said that some terrorist organizations can attack with drones during the Tokyo Olympics.

According to the Japanese Intelligence Agency, terrorist organizations can carry out drone attacks during the Olympics. Also, cyber attackers can attack digital infrastructure. Tokyo Olympic officials have also somewhat backed the claims by the intelligence as they have informed that they have detected some fake emails that came from staff members. They said these emails were to be sent to media houses around the world and the person opening them may be a victim of cyber attack.

After all this claim the Japanese police has sprung into action and it is reported that police is trying to thwart the suspected terrorist attack on Tokyo Olympics with the help of technology. For this, detection systems are being installed around sports complexes. 

China’s Xinhua News Agency quoted reports from the Japan’s Nikkei newspaper that the equipment the police were using would catch the signals emanating from the drones. It will be able to detect where and at what altitude it is flying. Police will also use special techniques to catch them like jamming terrorist drones by throwing traps from their drones. Japan has decided to use the Facial Recognition ID system for players, volunteers and staff for the first time to rule out terrorist incidents.

It has also been reported that one such device, which will detect drones flying within a radius of hundreds of kilometers, is offered by private companies to help the Police. It is also to be noted that Laws related to drones were also added to the 24 Olympic venues in May last year. Further, the police have been empowered to seize illegal flying equipment in these areas.