Sachin Tendulkar reveals wife Anjali’s sacrifices for his career


Former Indian cricketer and legend of the game Sachin Tendulkar had a glorious international career and arguably the best so far in the history of cricket. But the hundreds of records and milestones didn’t come easy for the master blaster. It required some serious levels of hard work, dedication, and sacrifices.

Sachin revealed one of those stories about the sacrifices which were made by his beloved wife Anjali Tendulkar. The duo married back in 1995 and has set an example of an inspiring love story. Anjali, who is a gold-medal-winning doctor herself, chose her family ahead of her career in order to let Sachin focus solely on his cricket career.

“I was doing well for India and Anjali stood first in her exam. You know she is a gold medallist doctor so… her career was also flourishing and she was gonna reach a different level but she decided to sacrifice her career so that we could have a family.” he said.

Sachin also insisted that the things he has achieved in his career would have been impossible to achieve if his wife didn’t support him until the end.

“She knew that I had to travel and then who’s gonna look after Sara and Arjun? So she graciously decided to take that decision. I don’t think things would have been the same without her contribution and her graciousness. I don’t think I would have been sitting here, no chance.” he added.

Sachin’s father was a writer, but he gave his son the freedom to become what he wants to. And, Sachin insisted that he will do the same with his son Arjun Tendulkar, who recently decided to take up cricket. He also revealed that he didn’t force his son to join cricket in the first place.

“As a father, I want to do exactly what my father did for me. He gave me the freedom to be what I wanted to be in life. It was never: ‘I’m a writer and you need to follow my footsteps’. So for Arjun also it was the same thing.”

“I am a cricketer doesn’t mean you have to play cricket. He earlier enjoyed playing football, chess and cricket started on its own, I didn’t force him into it. So was the case with Sara also. Whatever she wanted to be in life, both Anjali and I supported her and said whatever you want to be in life don’t find shortcuts and that’s exactly what my father told me,” he concluded.

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