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Rohit Kumar Kabaddi Player

Rohit Kumar was born in Nizampur, Panipat. He made his debut in the Pro Kabaddi League in season 3 where he was picked up by Patna Pirates. He was announced the most valuable player in that season; he scored 109 points

Kumar became the first player to score more than 30 points in a match; he picked up 32 points against UP Yoddha in season 5. 

After season 3, Rohit moved to Bengaluru Bulls and has been in their mix since then. He was named the captain of Bengaluru in the season 6. 

Rohit Kumar is known for his frog jump where he launches himself above the ground, touches the defender in the air and lands himself beyond anyone’s reach. 

Rohit KumarPersonal Profile:
Date of Birth: 19 Jan 1990
Nationality: Indian
Weight: 79kgs
Height: – 
Position: Raider

Teams Played for
Season 3: Patna Pirates 
Season 4: Bengaluru Bulls
Season 5: Bengaluru Bulls
Season 6: Bengaluru Bulls 
Season 7: Bengaluru Bulls 

Matches Played: 72
Total Points: 611
Career Best Points in a match: 32
Raid Points: 576
Total Raids: 1171
Successful Raids: 476
Unsuccessful Raids: 226
Empty Raids: 469
Successful Raid Percentage: 49.18%
Raid Touch points: 461
Raid Bonus Points: 115
Super Raids: 13
Super 10’s: 23
Tackle Points: 35
Tackles: 87
Successful Tackles: 33
Unsuccessful Tackles: 54
Super Tackles: 2
High 5’s: 1
Green Cards: 2
Yellow Cards: 1
Red Cards: 0

Season Wise Stats:


SeasonTeamMatches PlayedTotal RaidsSuccessful RaidsUnsuccessful RaidsRaid Touch PointsRaid Bonus PointsTotal Raid Points 
PKL 6Bengaluru  Bulls243411346413633169
PKL5Bengaluru Bulls224201978218551236
PKL4Bengaluru Bulls142347551751893
PKL3Patna Pirates 1217880288715102


Season Team Matches Played Total Tackles Successful Tackles Total Tackle Points
PKL 6 Bengaluru Bulls 22 7 1 1
PKL5 Bengaluru Bulls 21 2 2 2
PKL4 Bengaluru Bulls 16 20 7 8
PKL3 Patna Pirates 12 14 7 7


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