Rishabh Pant Shouldn’t Try To Be Dhoni: Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist feels that the expectations of the Indian fans from the young wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant are already very high, while the 22-year old is still in the early days of his international career.

According to Gilchrist, the fans want to see the same kind of performances from Pant that they have seen from Dhoni over the years, but that’s unfair on Pant because he is only a young man.

Adam Gilchrist has urged Pant not to try and copy Dhoni. The Australian legend reckons Pant can learn good things from Dhoni, like his temperament and his calmness under pressure, but he shouldn’t try and emulate Dhoni 100%.

Gilchrist insists that Pant might be able to reach Dhoni’s level one day or if not Pant, some other keeper might reach Dhoni’s level. But, nobody can do it straightaway.

The bar has been set quite high by the former Indian captain. Comparing him with a young player just doesn’t make too much sense.

“I’m not big on comparisons like I have said before. M.S. Dhoni has set such a high benchmark. One day someone might match it but it is probably unlikely. Rishabh looks like a very talented young player.” Gilchrist was quoted saying by Hindustan Times.

“Just don’t put too much pressure on him (Pant)too early and expect that he’s going to produce Dhoni-like performances.” Gilchrist added.

Pant has been under serious pressure for the last few months. Some people think he doesn’t have the temperament to soak the pressure at the international level. Even the Indian coach Ravi Shastri has criticized him at times.

While the Indian team management is still persisting with Pant in T20I cricket amid all the criticism, it’s not certain how long they will continue with him if he doesn’t produce the numbers.

India have already picked Sanju Samson as the second wicketkeeper in the T20I squad.


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