Report -IPL 2020 to be postponed to 15th April



The coronavirus threat is forcing every major sporting event to take a stand of either postponing it or cancelling it completely. The Indian Premier League (IPL) had a lot of dark clouds over it. Various reports suggested that the world’s premier T20 cricket league will be played behind the closed doors and everyone was happy with this decision.

But now, it has been confirmed that the IPL will indeed be played behind the closed door and will now have a new start date. Yes, the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) will now take place around April 15. Remember, all the other countries confirmed that their players won’t be available before that particular date and the Indian government also announced that visas will not be given to any foreign tourists till April 15.

Senior sports journalist Vikrant Gupta confirmed the news on Twitter and noted that the tournament will be pushed back a few weeks. The league will be taking place without any crowds while the number of games will be the same. But, more double-headers will be added to the league’s schedule. Earlier, it was confirmed that no “double-headers” will be played on Saturdays. But the new league could include them on both the days of the weekend.

The IPL will be pushed back by a couple of weeks, start around April 15. Will be held without the crowds, the same number of matches with more doubleheaders being added. The franchises have approved this formula,” Vikrant Gupta tweeted a few minutes back.

Earlier today, legends like Sunil Gavaskar and VVS Laxman also shared that the league should be played behind the closed doors. They believe that it is better to take proper measures and play in an empty stadium so that the threat could be prevented.

Various sporting events around the world have been cancelled or postponed. Formula One, NBA, and FIFA are some of the organizations that have decided to cancel their future events until the situation gets better.

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The country now has over 70 positive cases of coronavirus and one person has died because of it. The Delhi Government has already announced that they are putting up a ban on all the sporting activities that would have large gatherings, including the IPL.