Real Kashmir FC Strengthen their Fan Connection by launching Extensive Outreach Programme to Promote Grassroots Football

Ever since Real Kashmir FC has been included in I-League in 2018, they have performed extremely well in the tournament and the biggest reason behind that is the support from their loyal fans in the Valley who turn in huge numbers when they play in their own backyard and to build the strong connection with their fans they have launched Extensive Outreach programme to promote Grassroot Football in Kashmir which will cover numerous part of the region.

The main objective behind starting this programme was clarified by Club Chairman Sandeep Chandoo who said that it is all about reaching at the grassroots levels and spread the positivity that the club has generated in that area.

“With the club being here for four years now I realized that we need to go above and beyond what we are already doing. At the I-League level, people love to watch the team. It is a form of entertainment and thus, we made sure that the outreach programme has to go to the grassroots level with the activities we did. If we could bring so much positivity out of the club from Srinagar, I feel that going to different districts in the interior of Kashmir can also make these places more accessible to people and share the same positive feelings that football brings. All in all, it has been a fantastic experience,” he averred.

The outreach program was launched in July this year with the intent of reaching out to all districts in Kashmir in order to attract maximum local youths towards the sport and scout for young talented players as well. Since July 22 total 54 matches have been played by Reserve Team and Youth Sides which includes exhibition as well as tournament games in different areas of the Valley which includes Sopore, Baramulla, Chadoora, Pulwama, Anantnag, Pampore, etc.

“Fortunately the club has done well in the I-League and the people of Kashmir look up to the club as something they own. A large number of boys and girls have been part of the programme and everyone wants to get involved with the team. It is very heartening. By going to the local level — the idea was to extend our roots into numerous areas so that the club will have a base everywhere and potential talent in every village and district can be tapped. A few days back, we were in Baramulla and there were 250 boys who were insisting that they want to join the club!” he exclaimed.

Also the other purpose of the starting this programme is to promote Women’s Football in the Valley by the name known as #ShePowerProgramme where they already launched Under 14 women’s team in September where 60 girls participated in the trails that was conducted on the first day. RKFC is also looking to launch women’s Under 19 and Under 10 teams for women in future. It is certainly good news for women’s and men’s player in Kashmir as Valley in past few years is highlighted for wrong reasons and this initiative will definitely help youngsters in productive way and will certainly change the image of the Valley to a great extent.