Ravi Shastri Sharply Counters As KL Rahul Defends Slow Batting

Ravi Shastri Sharply Counters As KL Rahul Defends Slow Batting

In a low-scoring game on Wednesday, Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) defeated Rajasthan Royals (RR) with a score of 10-runs in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 match. Both teams were able to score more than 80 runs in their respective first-wicket partnerships, but they were only able to reach a total of about 150 runs. When LSG captain KL Rahul was questioned about the scoreless game, he criticised the playing surface on which Ravi Shastri, a former India head coach, disagrees with the LSG captain’s justification.

KL Rahul has received a lot of criticism recently, particularly in relation to his strike rate in the game’s shortest format. He scored a 32-ball 39 for Lucknow. Shastri said that Rahul needs to increase his strike rate after the game.

According to Ravi Shastri “Definitely (needs to get the strike up) (needs to get the strike up). I don’t believe any of the 160 stuff. If you multiply that 39 by 60 or 70 when you have two chances, 160 becomes 175 instead of 160. To continue and play those lengthy innings, you need one of the top three players.”

“If Rajasthan Royals had taken that action. They were going to win this game. Both teams may learn a lot about strategy and when to take chances from this game. The tournament has only just begun. Lucknow is No. 2 and Rajasthan is No. 1, and they will both benefit greatly from this, “he added.

Rahul stated at the conclusion of the game that he believed 160 to be a par total on the Jaipur pitch, which was keeping low and difficult to bat on.