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Ram Baboo

Ram Baboo is an Indian racer born in Uttar Pradesh who has won a Gold Medal in the men’s 35km race walk and shattered the national record.

Early Life

Ram Baboo was born in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Before participating in national games, he used to do miscellaneous work to live his life. Ram Baboo is an unemployed physical education graduate. He worked as a waiter in a restaurant in Varanasi for a couple of months. 

Ram Baboo also used to dig roads under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)  where he used to do a lot of digging to make new roads in Uttar Pradesh. Digging roads was a lot of hard work for Ram Baboo and he used to make only Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 from that hard work. 


Ram Baboo, a racewalker, could never have imagined helping out in the fields and working as a worker to support his family. While raising a family of six in the outlying Uttar Pradesh village of Bauar, in the Sonbhadra district, he had observed his father doing that.

Baboo selected a profession in sports specifically to get away from the situation. He was motivated by the accomplishments of Indian athletes in the 2012 London Olympics, and like many young people, he too harbored the desire to represent India internationally. 

Baboo started his athletic career on a nearby 200-meter track. He first intended to train to run marathons. He transitioned to race walking after that, eventually reaching the national level. He made the most of the meager financial assistance his family gave him before paying for his own training.

Baboo continued his high-intensity training while working as a waiter at a Varanasi hotel and doing courier packages in order to accomplish his ambition.

But the pandemic posed a threat to his years of labor. During the lockdown, his father also started to have financial difficulties. Then, Baboo joined his father in performing physical labor for the government’s MNREGA program, receiving daily pay of 300.

Ram Baboo, a star athlete from India, placed 27th in the men’s 35-kilometer race walk final on Thursday, August 24 at the World Athletics Championships 2023. Alvaro Martin of Spain won the gold medal in the men’s competition, and Maria Perez of Spain set a record in the women’s competition in Budapest.

Ram Baboo, 24, placed 27th after completing the marathon in two hours, 39 minutes, and seven seconds. Baboo attracted attention earlier in the Dudinska 50 2023 event in Dudince by setting a national record by completing the 35 km race in two hours, 29 minutes, and 56 seconds. but found it difficult to perform well at the World Athletics championships.

Bio Data

Full Name: Ram Baboo

Age: 24 Years

Place of Birth: Uttar Pradesh

Occupation: Athlete

Sports: Race Walker

Nationality: Indian