Indians Who Won Medal in Wushu Sport at Asian Games


India’s journey in the Wushu event at the Asian Games began in 2006, and since then, the nation has proudly claimed a total of nine medals – one silver and eight bronze. Let’s look closer at Indians who won medals in Wushu sport at the Asian games.

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2006 Asian Games

M. Bimoljit Singh (60kg) – A competent wushu player, M. Bimoljit Singh made his mark at the 2006 Asian Games, securing a bronze medal in the 60kg category.

2010 Asian Games

M. Bimoljit Singh (60kg) – Displaying exceptional skill and dedication, M. Bimoljit Singh once again earned a bronze medal in the 60kg category, reaffirming his status as a top wushu athlete.

2014 Asian Games

Narender Grewal (60kg) – The 2014 Asian Games witnessed Narender Grewal’s outstanding performance in the 60kg category, resulting in a bronze medal for India.

Yumnam Sanathoi Devi (Women – 52kg) – In the same edition, Yumnam Sanathoi Devi showcased her prowess and determination, clinching a bronze medal in the 52kg category.

2018 Asian Games

Surya Bhanu Pratap Singh (60kg) – 2018 Surya Bhanu Pratap Singh’s remarkable athleticism brought him a bronze medal in the 60kg category, adding to India’s growing medal tally.

Narender Grewal (65kg) – Narender Grewal once again proved his mettle in the 65kg category, securing another bronze medal for the country.

Naorem Roshibina Devi (Women 60kg) – The expert Naorem Roshibina Devi added to India’s success at the 2018 Asian Games, earning a bronze medal in the 60kg category.

Wangkhem Sandhyarani Devi (Women 60kg) – Among the Indian wushu players, Wangkhem Sandhyarani Devi stood out with her extraordinary performance, achieving a remarkable silver medal in the 60kg category.

Santosh Kumar (56kg) – Santosh Kumar’s impressive agility and dedication were rewarded with a bronze medal in the 56kg category.

India’s standout year in Wushu at the Asian Games was undeniably 2018, when the country clinched five medals, displaying the growing prowess and recognition of Indian Wushu athletes on the international stage.

Among India’s most accomplished wushu players, M. Bimoljit Singh shines brightly, having secured two bronze medals in separate editions of the Asian Games. His consistent performances have made him an inspiration for aspiring wushu athletes in the country.

India’s journey in Wushu at the Asian Games has been filled with grit, determination, and passion, and these exceptional athletes have brought immense pride to the nation with their outstanding achievements. India’s wushu players will undoubtedly strive for even greater glory, etching their names in the annals of wushu history.