Looking Back at Pro Kabaddi League Season 4

Pro Kabaddi Season 4

Pro Kabaddi Season 4: The year was 2016 and slowly, but steadily the Indian masses were coming outside the Cricket bubble and exploring different sports and Kabaddi was one that rose to prominence. Pro Kabaddi League, the brain child of Charu Sharma reached a new zenith by becoming the second most successful sports league in India after IPL (Indian Premiere League).

Looking back at the last 4 years track record, the league witnessed a growth of 51% over the last 4 seasons becoming the only sports league with such growth, even surpassing the Indian Premier League with 10 million average impressions in Season 4.

Looking at the success graph, a total of 64 brands were associated with the Pro Kabaddi Season 4. Given the league’s rise to fame, it was the first time that two seasons of the Pro Kabaddi were being played in the same year and the response was overwhelming. The League began on 25th June 2016 and the final was played on 31st July 2016.

Player Auctions: Pro Kabaddi Season 4 Auction

Pro Kabaddi Season 4 auction was held on May 13, 2016 in Mumbai. The auction saw a total purse of INR 12.82 crore being spent on players. A total of 96 players were sold at the auctions from a list of 198 players. 

At INR 53 lakh, Mohit Chhillar was the most expensive player at the auction, bought by Bengaluru Bulls.

Teams played in a double round-robin format with top 4 teams at the end of the round-robin stage making it to the semi-finals

A total of 8 teams participated in Pro Kabaddi Season 4, namely:

Team Captain Head coach
Bengal Warriors Nilesh Shinde Pratap Shetty
Bengaluru Bulls Surender Nada/Mohit Chhillar Randhir Singh
Dabang Delhi Miraj Sheykh Sagar Bandekar
Jaipur Pink Panthers Jasvir Singh Balwan Singh
Patna Pirates Dharmaraj Cheralathan Arjun Singh
Puneri Paltan Manjeet Chhillar Kasinathan Bhaskaran
Telugu Titans Rahul Chaudhari J Udayakumar
U Mumba Anup Kumar E. Bhaskaran

Who Topped the Points Table

Teams Played  Won Lost Tie Points
Patna Pirates 14 10 4 0 52
Telugu Titans 14 8 4 2 50
Jaipur Pink Panthers 14 8 5 1 47
U Mumba 14 7 6 1 42
Puneri Paltan 14 6 6 2 42
Bengaluru Bulls 14 5 8 1 32
Dabang Delhi KC 14 4 9 1 29
Bengal Warriors 14 3 9 2 26

Teams that Reached the Playoffs
Four teams reached the playoffs namely Patna Pirates, Telugu Titans, Jaipur Pink Panthers and U Mumba.

Semi-Final Stage
Semi-Final 1First semifinal was played between Patna Pirates and Puneri Paltan at Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad. Patna Pirates beat Puneri Paltan to enter second consecutive final and a chance to defend the title.
Patna Pirates 37-33 Puneri Paltan 

Semi-Final 2- Second semi-final saw Telugu Titans go up against Jaipur Pink Panthers at Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.
Jaipur Pink Panthers 34-24 Telugu Titans.

Third Place Playoff
3rd position- The match for the third position was played between Puneri Paltan and Patna pirates, where the Paltan came out on top.
Puneri Paltan 40-35 Telugu Titans

Pro Kabaddi Season 4 Final Pro Kabaddi Season 4

The final of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 4 was played between Patna Pirates and Jaipur Pink Panthers and took place at the same venue as the semi-finals: Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.

Patna Pirates defended their title and beat the Jaipur Pink Panthers.

Patna Pirated 37-29 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Jasvir Singh was the top raider for Jaipur Pink Panthers with 13 raider points in the match. Amit Hooda was the top defender with 3 tackle points in the match.

Pradeep Narwal was the top raider for Patna Pirates with 16 raider points in the match. Hadi Oshtorak was the top defender for Patna Pirates with 5 tackle points.

A total of 20 raid points were scored by Patna Pirates, Jaipur Pink Panthers scored 21 raid points.
A total of 12 tackle points were scored by Patna Pirates, Jaipur Pink Panthers scored 4 tackle points
A total of 4 all-out points were scored by Patna Pirates, Jaipur Pink Panthers couldn’t open their account in this regard.
Only 1 extra point was conceded by Patna Pirates, whereas Jaipur Pink Panthers conceded 4 points.

Top Raiders:

No. Player Team Matches Successful Raids Raid Points
1 Rahul Chaudhari Telugu Titans 16 110 146
2 Pardeep Narwal Patna Pirates 16 100 131
3 Deepak Niwas Hooda Puneri Paltan 16 108 126
4 Rohit Kumar Bengaluru Bulls 14 75 93
5 Jasvir Singh Jaipur Pink Panthers 14 64 82
6 Kashiling Adake Dabang Delhi 13 58 78
7 Anup Kumar U Mumba 14 60 72
8 Rishank Devadiga U Mumba 14 57 70
9 Rajesh Narwal Jaipur Pink Panthers 16 52 66
10 Ajay Thakur Puneri Paltan 16 41 63
10 Meraj Sheykh Dabang Delhi 14 42 63

Top Defenders:

No. Player Team Matches Successful Tackles Super Tackles Tackle Points
1 Fazel Atrachali Patna Pirates 16 45 7 52
2 Amit Hooda Jaipur Pink Panthers 16 47 4 51
3 Mohit Chhillar Bengaluru Bulls 14 44 3 47
4 Manjeet Chhillar Puneri Paltan 12 43 1 44
4 Sachin Shingade Dabang Delhi 14 39 5 44
6 Sandeep Narwal Telugu Titans 16 40 2 42
7 Dharmaraj Cheralathan Patna Pirates 14 31 8 39
8 Ravinder Pahal Puneri Paltan 14 35 2 37
8 Surjeet Singh U Mumba 14 33 4 37
10 Sandeep Kumar Dhull Telugu Titans 12 35 0 35


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