Premier League Introduces Reporting System for Online Abuse for Players and Supporting Staff

Premier League reporting system

Premier League introduces reporting system for online abuse for players and supporting staff

The Premier League on Wednesday launched a dedicated reporting system for the players, managers, coaches and their relations who face various discriminatory online abuses and criticisms. This will help them report the online hate and abuses and league can take actions on them. 

“The central rapid response reporting system will enable players, managers and coaches to notify the Premier League of serious discriminatory abuse received via direct messages on social media platforms”, England’s top-echelon stated in an announcement.

And as per the reporting system, each case will be reviewed and monitored closely. Those actions will also include reporting those abuses to the relevant social media companies, followed by a legal investigation and required actions. The Premier League has developed this system after planning for months for the welfare of the players, team management and supporting staff. 

Premier League Executive Richard Masters has a strong take on the online abuse as he said, “Online discriminatory abuse is unacceptable in any walk of life and tackling this issue must be a priority. There are too many instances of footballers and their families receiving appalling discriminatory messages; nobody should have to deal with this.” 

Masters also said that the league strongly condemns and does not encourage the deeply offensive behaviour towards anyone who is associated with the Premier League and also assured of providing justice to any victim of the online discrimination by taking immediate actions. 

“Our commitment is to review each case and to take immediate follow-up action. We have recently been made aware of the wholly unacceptable online racist abuse received by Ian Wright,” Masters concluded. 

The Premier League is currently underway and resumed after a break of almost four months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Liverpool is currently leading the team standings, followed by Manchester City at the 2nd place.