Player to Player Marking – Comparing the Legends of 1983 to Current Squad

Sunil Gavaskar- Rohit Sharma

Comparison of Current Indian Squad:- World Cup 2019 is just 6 months away and the fans are already booking the tickets for the epic quadrennial tournament. India will go in the tournament as the strongest contender in terms of rankings and statistics, but English conditions have always caused trouble to the Indian team in the past.

Reopening the cricket annals, India won their First World Cup on English soil. It was a scene when the underdog Indians took on the world champion and throttled them with ease. The moment, which changed the Indian cricket forever, it was the team, which was ranked below Zimbabwe in the rankings came out of the blue and created history.

England will host the 2019 World Cup for the fifth time, the only team which never won the ODI World Cup. Sportzcraazy has decided to do player to player marking comparing the legends with the current squad. Let’s see, how this comparison fits in.

Kapil Dev- Virat Kohli (Captain)

Kapil Dev- Virat Kohli

Comparison of Current Indian Squad:- Maybe the modern world recognizes Kapil Dev as a successful commentator, cricket and a successful businessman, but a few decades ago, he was the man who changed the face of Indian cricket forever.

He was the first Indian captain to win the Prudential World Cup in 1983 and remained the status quo until MS Dhoni ended the 28-year long wait in 2011 and won the World Cup with a six.

Who could forget the moment when Kapil and his boys pop champagne at the Lord’s balcony? England is again hosting the World Cup after 19 long years; the irony is that England has never won the ODI world cup since inception.

Kapil Dev led India in 8 matches during the 1983 World Cup and won 6 of them, which included a historic win over West Indies, Australia, England, and Zimbabwe.

Virat Kohli will be leading the team his World Cup and looks in ominous touch, giving tremor and shiver to the opposition camps. 1983 World Cup established Kapil Dev as all-time great in the cricket annals. Can Virat Kohli do it this time?

In terms of leadership, potential, and aggression, both the captains are on the same pedestal. There is a high probability that India under the leadership of Kohli might re-write history.

Sunil Gavaskar- Rohit Sharma (Opener)

Sunil Gavaskar- Rohit Sharma

Comparison of Current Indian Squad:- Sunil Gavaskar is one of the finest batsmen India has ever produced and is the only batsman to cross 10,000 runs mark in test cricket. Although he didn’t perform to his potential in the 1983 World Cup, his mere presence radiated a positive influence in the team.

Rohit Sharma lazy elegance and effortless timing remind of Gavaskar. Both hail from Mumbai and learned the same brand of cricket. Both are match winners when they get going, you need at least 1000 cannons to resist them. Although many feel Rohit Sharma is not equipped with a technique to bat in English conditions, once set, can win India matches single-handedly.

Kris Srikanth- Shikhar Dhawan

Comparison of Current Indian Squad:- Kris Srikanth was one of the greatest ODI openers during the eighties. He was unpredictable and had a wide range shot in his arsenal. Unlike Sehwag and other great openers, he was not afraid of bounce and performed exceedingly well under all conditions.

Shikhar Dhawan is a mirror image of Srikanth, he too takes on the opposition from the ball one, giving India the tornado start every time. The shining spot is that the player boasts of his great record on English conditions. He has hit 4 ODI centuries in 25 matches he played on English soil.

The big gun could be the trump card this World Cup and take India over victory ropes on most occasions.

Syed Kirmani- MS Dhoni(Wicket Keeper)

Comparison of Current Indian Squad:- Most of the fans would be guessing the similarities between Syed Kirmani and MS Dhoni. MS is the greatest Indian captain of all time with all the 3 ICC trophies in his kitty. The only captain in the world to have won both the T20 World Cup and 50 over World Cup, but the comparison is made over the wicketkeeping and batting skills between the two.

Syed Kirmani was blessed with a hawk eye and acrobatic hand-eye coordination making him the lethal weapon to envy. Same goes for MSD, he mashes up his goalkeeping skills with wicket keeping, opening new innovative behind the wickets treachery.

MSD is very handy with the bat down the batting order and can steady the innings till the end. There is a reason, why he is called the best finisher in the world.

Mohinder Amarnath- KL Rahul (Middle Order)

Comparison of Current Indian Squad

Comparison of Current Indian Squad:- The world will always remember Mohinder Amarnath for his man of the match performance in the 1983 World Cup final. He took 3 priceless wickets and scored 26 runs in the finals at a crucial time. During his tenure, he was nicknamed as King of comebacks.

KL Rahul is the most near some player, who could fill the big boots of Mohinder Amarnath in the World Cup squad. He is determined, gutsy and changes gears during the innings, making him a player to trust under crisis. Although he still has to prove his worth in one-day internationals, his game is improving with each day. He seems like a slow starter but turns on the game when set.

Sandeep Patil- Kedhar Jadhav

Comparison of Current Indian Squad

Comparison of Current Indian Squad:- Sandeep Patil was among the early pioneers of Indian cricket, who defined the aggressive brand of cricket in India. His ruthless batting against the quality pace battery made him the fearsome batter to cope up. Who could his crucial knock of 27 in the 1983 World Cup final during the time, when the chips were down and India needed a batter to soak the pressure?

Kedhar Jadhav started off as promising batsmen with solid technique and aggressive stroke play, but couldn’t maintain the international standard for long. Like Sandeep Patil, he is famous for lofty sixes and tracer bullet fours during the play. He can ease the run rate flow in just a few deliveries and turn the momentum to India’s favor. There can be a no bigger compliment than comparing him with the legend like Sandeep Patil.

Balwinder Singh Sandhu- Yuzwendra Chahal

Comparison of Current Indian Squad:- Balwinder Singh Sandhu was famously known for his jolting medium pace bowling, who could swing the ball both ways and could use the long handle as a tail ender during the end of the innings. He will always be remembered for dismissing Gordon in the historic 1983 World Cup finals.

Yuzwendra  Chahal is the modern day Balwinder Singh Sandhu in terms of temperament, skills, and attitude towards the game. He is hungry to perform at the big platform like the World Cup.

The great thing about Yuzwendra Chahal is that like Sandhu, he has numerous variations in his bowling and is economical as a spinner.

Ravi Shastri- Kuldeep Yadav

Most of you know Ravi Shastri as a spicy, self-motivated commentator with excellent communication skills. He has been the director of the Indian cricket team in the past and an indigenous member of almost all Indian cricket committees.

He is often considered one of the greatest all-rounder’s of his era and a ladies man. He was an essential part of the 1983 World Cup Indian team squad and won India matches from dying situations.

Kuldeep Yadav is a perfect match for Ravi Shastri, the chinaman bowler has the potential to become one of the greats and is very handy with the bat. The aspect, where he has an upper hand over Shastri is fielding. He is a world class bowler, brilliant fielder, and a handy batsman. Although, English conditions won’t suit his style of play, still is more than capable of providing major breakthroughs.

Madan Lal- Bhuvaneshwar Kumar

Madan Lal is renowned for dismissing Vivian Richards in the 1983 World Cup, where Kapil Dev ran back to take a brilliant catch. This wicket established Madan Lal as an iconic figure in Indian cricket forever. It was hard to find the perfect replacement for Madan Lal in the current scenario, only Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes close to his aura and skills.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the spearhead of the Indian pace attack and had a successful venture during the English tour bagging wickets in bunches. He has a knack of picking wickets early in the innings and can turn the match in a span of few overs.

Jaspreet Bumrah- Roger Binny

jaspreet bumrah and roger binny Comparison of Current Indian Squad:-

Roger Binny was the most successful bowler in the 1983 World Cup, he managed to take 18 wickets in the tournament, he took the important wicket of Clive Lloyd in the finals.

Jaspreet Bumrah could be the dark horse of the tournament, the death over specialist deceives the batsmen with his unorthodox bowling action. Recently, he has developed the habit of dislodging the settled batsmen of the opposition camp. His swing bowling can do wonders on English soil and get India safely home.

Hardik Pandya- Sunil Valson (All-Rounder)

Sunil Valson is the unheard and unsung name of Indian cricket. He was an all-rounder, who was selected for 1983 World Cup but didn’t play a single game in the tournament. The current team manager for Delhi Daredevils was a reputed batting all-rounder of his times.

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya is a modern day great all-rounder, who became the talk of the town in no time due to his sheer performances. He can hit ball miles and can even play the waiting game, a spectacular fielder and a wicket-taking bowler during the crisis. All-rounder will play a major role in the tournament if they fail in one department; they can cover up in another.

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