“Our Society doesn’t like Straightforward People” Kohli shares early challenges of his career in latest Interview

In a recent interview on the PUMA platform, Virat Kohli covered a wide range of subjects in depth that were connected to the Indian Cricket ecosystem.

In his early professional years, Kohli admitted to being direct with opponents, using profanity on the field, and showing himself as the game called for it.

The only issue, he continued, is that “our society doesn’t like honest and straightforward people and doesn’t want us to make mistakes, and in the early stages of my career, where the expectation from me was quite high, they wanted me to be perfect, which is not at all possible.”

Kohli shares valuable advice to Young athletes who want to play professionally should ask themselves,  whether they are practicing sports for fun or with the intention of turning them into a career.

If you consider yourself to be enthusiastic about sports, you should also give your studies your full attention so that you have a backup plan in case your career as a sportsperson doesn’t work out.

“See, you need to ask yourself constantly whether you should devote your heart and intellect to sports if you are passionate about them in order to succeed in this discipline. Additionally, you must put your academics first in order to maintain a healthy balance between them. You still have studies as a fallback if you don’t succeed as a player. I am aware of numerous athletes who were so and so in the past but who neglected their scholastic pursuits and are now neither athletes nor scholars”.

Early in his career, Virat Kohli received a lot of backlash for his aggresive playing style.

However, a number of experts have defended Kohli’s aggressive behaviour on the field, saying that “we need more cricketers like him” because they think that Kohli “makes cricket exciting especially for Test cricket.”

Kohli is regarded as one of the greatest batsman to played the game and he has never shy away to speak his mind and that trait which he possess is often liked a lot.