On the occasion of Manchester City’s 129 anniversary of being founded, we retrace City’s Fascinating history

Manchester City is celebrating its 129th birthday, and its history has been filled with highs and lows.

They recovered from being dropped to English football’s third division to rank among the
top teams worldwide.

St. Mark’s (West Gorton) was the club’s original name until 1887, when it changed to Ardwick Association Football Club. Finally, the club was given the name Manchester City in 1894 and became a Manchester-based club. Since the club’s establishment, the traditional sky blue home jerseys have been worn.

The team entered the league in 1892, claimed their first league title in 1899, and was then
promoted to the top division of English football. They became the first club from Manchester to win any major title in 1904 when they won their first trophy, the FA Cup. The club was charged with financial mismanagement in the following seasons, which resulted in the suspension of 17 players in 1906. The city relocated to its newly constructed home stadium, Maine Road, in 1923.

The club made two consecutive FA Cup finals in the 1930s but lost both of them. With 84569 spectators in attendance, the team set a record for the highest audience in English football. Over 80 years passed without the record being broken until 2016. After a dry spell of about 20 years, the club went on to win its first league championship in 1937. In 1956, they won their second FA Cup.

After Joe Mercer and Malcolm Alisson were hired, the city changed and won numerous titles.They won the second league championship in 1968, and they also won the FA Cup in 1969. City won the European Cup the following year, making it the only European trophy they have ever been awarded. The League Cup, which City won in 1976, was the last trophy they won during this heyday.

Following this, they experienced a downturn and were demoted twice in the 1980s before
making a successful comeback in 1989. They were demoted once more to the second division in 1996, and after making a shaky comeback to the main league in 2001, they were demoted once more.

The team has continued to participate in the top leagues after moving to the newly constructed Etihad Stadium in the 2002–03 season. Mr. Shinawatra, City’s owner at the time, sold the team to Abu Dhabi United Group in 2008. It caused a significant influx of wealth into the club. During this time, the club received a big boost from record-breaking contracts and bids for well-known players. After nearly 50 years, the club finally won the FA Cup in 2011, marking the beginning of a new era of unheard-of glory.

Each and every Cityzen will remember the club’s 2012 Premier League season victory. In the fourth additional minute, Aguero scored the memorable injury-time goal to put City ahead of United. On that day, since the league’s start in 1992, they won their first Premier League title.

This goal will go down in football history as one of the finest moments ever.
Under the direction of the current manager, Pep Guardiola, they won the Premier League once again in 2014 and once more in 2017–18. They became the first team in Premier League history to score 100 points. They were the first English team to complete the domestic treble in 2018–19 by winning all four main English competitions. This was followed by two additional consecutive seasons of Premier League championships in 2021 and 2022.

On the other hand, they were defeated by Chelsea in the 2021 Champions League final.
With 664.9 million euros in income, Manchester City produced the most of any football team in 2021. also rose to become the sixth-most valuable team in the entire world.

City has been in great form over the years and looks promising in this season as well, and we hope this time they break their European Championship curse and bring the Champions League.