ISL 2023: 5 Reasons why change is needed in the marquee event in detail


The Indian Super League is regarded as the top football competition in the nation before the I-League.

Due to the emergence of various private leagues, including the likes of PKL,PHL, and PVL, the ISL has recently seen a decline in popularity.

Few ISL games have produced a tonne of buzz, and the football is of the highest calibre.

In this essay, we’ll outline 5 reasons why the ISL ecology has to alter.

1. The ISL should function at the level of promotions and relegations, and if this plan is implemented, the bottom-tier ISL teams will be demoted and the top-tier teams from the I league will be given the chance to participate in the ISL starting with the upcoming season.

2. The timetable for the full-fledged ISL should be expanded to 8–9 months from the current 4-5 months so that Indian players can play in more matches to hone their skills.

3. In order to attract fans to the stadium to watch ISL matches, the ISL needs top-tier players from European and English leagues, thus we must project those faces on different platforms.

4. The number of ISL teams needs to increase so that more players have the chance to play football and can benefit from the experience of others.

5. Finally, in order to provide football matches live and highlights to Indian football fans living all over the world, the broadcasting quality of ISL matches should be improved.

ISL playoffs will begun from 4th March 2023 followed by semi-final match will be played in both legs(Home and Away) with the final match to be played on 18th March 2023.