Esports Latest Update: India beat arch-rivals Pakistan by 3-2 in DOTA 2 Tournament

Rivalry is guaranteed to arise whenever India and Pakistan compete against one another, regardless of the sport. In the most recent development, the two nations faced off in a Dota 2 tournament, which India successfully defeated Pakistan by a score of 3-2.

Speaking of how the five rounds of play between these two players went, Pakistan won the first round with a magnificent score of 45-37, while Indian players won the next round with a score of 39-31.

Pakistan convincingly won the third round with a significant score differential of 69-40.

Ultimately last two rounds in favor of India with a score of 40-22 and 46-45 and eventually India won this competition against arch rivals.

DOTA 2 has become one of the most successful game in Indian esports ecosystem as they have garnered massive viewership on social media.

Indian Dota 2 team including the likes of Moin Ajaz, Abhisek Yadav, Vishal Vernekar have successfully clinched bronze medal in Commonwealth Games 2022 .

In the tournament we witnessed some high profile gamer from both countries India and Pakistan.

“The tournament was exciting and both the teams played reall . Indian Esports is developing, they are not enough platforms to play at International levels. We want to fulfil those gaps and fill those opportunities to players so that they can compete at the International levels. We as company want to fulfill those gaps at the International level. Firstly we started with India and Pakistan followed by another teams in the marquee event” Bharat Singh, Exclusive President of Esports exclusive said. 

Just in case you are new to the world of Dota 2, it is a multiplayer Online Battle Online Arena(MOBA) developed by Valve.

This popular game is sequel to Defense of the Ancients where five players of two teams each compete against each other for the coveted crown.

The concept of the game, is extremely easy where occupant and defence have their own separate base on the map and tactically smart team will emerge as the winner.