OG Esports Announces a Deal With 1xBet Bookmaker

Formed in 2015 by Johan Sundstein a.k.a. N0tail, OG is one of the most successful European esports organizations. OG Esports is likely to get even more successful in the future thanks to a recent deal signed with 1xBet Bookmaker.

By joining forces with a leading online sportsbook operator, the esports organization is expected to add ‘more value’ to its roster, particularly its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 teams.

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The deal is also meant to help OG Esports to develop ‘high-end video content’ which would make the organization even more popular in the video game universe. In turn, OG is required to display the 1xBet logo on the players’ jerseys.

Why is the 1xBet Deal a Gamechanger for OG Esports?

Same as with all other professional sports, esports also run on money. In order to create a title-winning esports team, an organization needs to make some big investments. Signing elite players costs a lot, while the team also needs to pay hefty salaries to keep them on board.

And it’s really big money! For instance, the OG founder N0tale is estimated to have earned over $7 million during his professional esports career.

All this explains why leading esports teams are constantly looking for good sponsorship deals. OG Esports, for example, already has brand deals with another seven companies, including Red Bull, Socios, and SteelSeries.

The deal with 1xBet is rumored to be one of the most lucrative deals the esports organization has ever inked. The reason behind this is that the bookmaker is reportedly working hard on taking over the esports betting market. One piece of evidence is that 1xBet is an esports-friendly operator, which is offering esports bonuses every day. These bonuses can be used for betting on literally hundreds of tournaments every month.

What’s Next for OG Esports?

The organization was formed seven years ago, recording some major successes only a few years later. For instance, its Dota 2 team won The International tournament in 2018 and 2019.

In 2020, the team went through a series of changes with one of the key members Anathan “ana” Pham taking a break from esports. At the same time, N0tail decided to move himself to the inactive roster of OG’s Dota 2 team.

Fast-forward to November 2021, and the organization has announced a brand-new roster for its Dota 2 team. Although they’ve been doing okay in 2022, even winning the Stockholm Majors a few days ago, there sure is room for improvement.

In addition to improving its Dota 2 team, OG Esports is also expected to make some big changes in other departments. The CS: GO team is likely to get some new players in the near future, while the organization might also decide to expand its esports portfolio to games like Overwatch or Rainbow Six.