10 Countries with highest earning gamers in the world. Let’s reveal the list in detail

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Nowadays, there are numerous opportunities in the professional gaming industry for a wide range of positions, including those of players, coaches, psychologists, operation managers, and many others.

Let’s examine the top 5 countries in the globe where professional players make big money each year in this post. Let’s look at the data in a table:

Ranking Countries Earnings Number of Players Earnings Per Players
1 Jordan $7,637,858.07 84 $90,926.88
2 Lebanon $4,626,850.54 77 $60,088.97
3 Afghanistan $197,891.23 5 $39,578.25
4 China


5 Bolivia $497,850.22 17 $29,285.31
6 South Korea $112,210,527.76 4489 $24,996.78
7 Denmark $44,193,116.62 1789 $24,702.69
8 North Macedonia $1,501,129.86 61 $24,608.69


$23,669.95 1  $23,669.95
10 Bulgaria  $8,657,366.73 367 


Denmark is the first European country on the list since the game is becoming more popular there, and players there have amassed prizes of $44,193,116.62. This equals $24,702.69 for each player.

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The odd thing is that the US is ranked 39th out of 135 nations. Various heads remarked on the rise of professional gamers in the circuit, according to their versions.

Esports has grown exponentially in recent years, with more than 439 million people watching esports events in 2020, and the tournament winnings have increased at the same rate. The data shows the success of Middle Eastern countries in esports, with Jordan and Lebanon topping the list. This is interesting as the industry is dominated by top tier players from Europe and Asia, so with Middle Eastern countries coming out on top, it shows the entire world can compete in eSports.” Spokesperson at MapleCasino said. 

Due to increased fan engagement, technological advancements, and stakeholders working hard behind the scenes to add new components to this well-known sporting ecosystem, esports will experience tremendous global growth.

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