MS Dhoni Delays Retirement Decision, Sparking Hopes of IPL 2024 Comeback

MS Dhoni promises to return for IPL 2024

Even though MS Dhoni got out for a golden duck during the IPL 2023 Final last night, fans were still happy to have gazed at him through their raw eyes. The entire crowd at the Narendra Modi Stadium was sure that it was the last time MSD was playing in the IPL but during the post-match presentation, the Legend said that he will prepare for the 17th edition of IPL next year.

Dhoni has been dealing with a Knee injury in IPL 2023 but it hasn’t kept him out of action. Although he runs a little slower due to his aging self but he is still the strongest link in the team. At 41-years of age, MS Dhoni did finish off a few matches this year and also plotted an outstanding 5th IPL trophy for CSK.

Watch MS Dhoni discuss his possibility to return for IPL 2023

After winning the final against GT, MS Dhoni appeared for the post-match presentation with presenter Harsha Bhogle eagerly waiting for him with the mic. Bhogle indirectly tried to ask MSD about his retirement plans before asking – I asked you when you last won a trophy, about the legacy you leave behind in CSK. You said ‘I haven’t left it behind yet.

To that MS Dhoni gave an answer that all of us were waiting for. Dhoni acknowledged that the timing of his retirement from the IPL was appropriate, but his response had more depth to it. Expressing gratitude towards the fans for their unparalleled support throughout the season, Dhoni stated that he remains open to the possibility of playing another season.

The 41-year-old mentioned his desire to make a comeback in the following year as well. Despite being aware that it could be physically more demanding due to his age of 41 and ongoing knee condition, Dhoni added that he would take the significant decision of participating in IPL 2024 within the next nine months.

“The amount of love and affection I have been shown wherever I have been this year, the easy thing would be for me to say “Thank you very much”, but the tough thing for me is to work hard for another 9 months and come back and play at least 1 more season of IPL. A lot depends on the body, I have 6-7 months to decide. It will be more like a gift from my side, it’s not easy for me but that’s a gift.” – MS Dhoni concluded.