GT vs CSK Breaks Highest Peak Viewership on JioCinema During IPL 2023 Final

ipl 2023 final: highest peak viewership on jio cinema

Cricket has not only been a sport in India, but it is a religion. It unites the whole of India, irrespective of the fact that from which part of the country they are below. So, if the viewership of the IPL is in millions or crores, then it shouldn’t be any sort of surprise for people around the world. The previous record viewership was 2.2 million in IPL 2023. But recently, it the finals of the IPL of 2023, that record was broken by a huge margin. The highest peak viewership in IPL became 34 million. Jio shared this on their Twitter account.

 Most viewed matches in the IPL history

 There have been several matches in the history of the IPL where the number of people who watched the match was unbelievable. You can read about those instances below. Until 2022 803 million views at once were also considered a lot of views. However, things changed in this year’s IPL.



 In the CSK vs. RCB match of IPL 2023, fans were able to witness the record of 24 million views by Jio Cinema. This was certainly breathtaking for any fan and even for the media because nobody thought that people would so use an application.

GT vs. CSK

 The final of the IPL 2023 broke all the records. It got 34 million viewership. Breaking all the previous records by a big margin. This clearly shows how crazy people are not only for the IPL but even for the game of Cricket.

So, the above matches are the ones that set the record for peak viewership in the IPL. However, there is no doubt that a new record is going to be set in the year 2024 because the craze for the IPL is just getting higher. And it is always said in sports that records are meant to be broken.