Top 6 Most Controversial Cricketers of all Time

Most controversial cricketers

Most controversial cricketers : Once known as gentleman’s game, the spirit of cricket has been destroyed time and again. Whether it is match fixing or tampering the game, the sport has seen it all. Several cricketers across the globe have been caught in cricket controversies which have stained their reputation and impacted their careers. Here is a list of 6 most controversial cricketers of all time:

#1 Steve Smith

Steve Smith ball tamperingImage Source

Most controversial cricketers : Former Australian team captain, Steve Smith was caught in a ball tampering scandal during the third test match in South Africa in March 2018. South Africa had scored 100 runs and was just one wicket down; the match had reached a crucial stage. Smith along with fellow Australian players decided to tamper the ball and nobody from the staff knew about their intentions.

They arranged for a yellow sandpaper to gather some loose dirt from the field and used it to rough up the ball. It was their desperate attempt to get a reverse swing and give some advantage to their bowlers. Cameron Bancroft chose to do the tampering and was caught on the camera while rubbing the sandpaper with the ball. In the press conference, Smith and Bancroft admitted their offense.

After further investigations, Cricket Australia banned Smith for 12 months and Bancroft for 9 months for their involvement in the scandal. In the wake of the scandal, CA appointed an ethics guru to review the culture of the game and ensure that such conduct is never repeated.

#2 S. Sreesanth

S. SreesanthImage Source

Most controversial cricketers : India’s famous fast bowler, S Sreesanth was caught guilty of match fixing during IPL’s sixth season in 2013. Playing for Rajasthan Royals, Sreesanth along with his two team mates Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila was charged for spot fixing.

Sreesanth admitted to the crime and was drunk when arrested. This led to suspension of his contract with Rajasthan Royals. BCCI’s disciplinary committee banned Sreesanth from the sport for life. In 2015, he was found innocent but in 2017, the ban was again restored on him.

#3 Andrew Symonds

Andrew Symonds monkeygateImage Source

Most controversial cricketers : The famous argument between Symonds and Harbhajan Singh during 2007-2008 series was the moment from where Symonds’s career went downhill. Apparently, during an argument, Singh called Symonds a monkey and this led to Singh being banned from three matches by ICC. But BCCI appealed in New Zealand High Court and the ban was lifted from Singh.

The incident took a huge toll on Symonds as he felt guilty of dragging his team mates into this, and he resort to alcohol consumption. He had started to miss team meetings and instead choose to go fishing. As a result, he was suspended on various disciplinary grounds in 2008.

#4 Shane WarneShane Warne controversyImage Source

Most controversial cricketers : Being the greatest spinner of all time, his career has been full of controversies. During 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup, his international career came to a halt temporarily when he tested positive for illegal drug. He admitted to have consumed a fluid tablet to be in good shape. He was banned for a year and he took up commentary roles for the time being. He has also landed himself into trouble in the matters related to the opposite sex.
Shane Warne‘s ex-wife Simone Callahan parted ways with him in 2007 when she got tired of his affairs and sex scandals. Later he got engaged to British Actress Liz Hurley. But Hurley called off the engagement when she discovered Warne was involved with a porn star.

#5 Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib AkhtarImage Source

Most controversial cricketers : In 2006, Shoaib Akhtar was found guilty for using performance enhancing drugs as he wanted to maintain his status of the world’s fastest bowler. After failing a drugs test, Akhtar admitted to using supplements and this resulted in his ban from the game for two years. In the history of his career, Shoaib has been called out many times on disciplinary grounds. In 2003, he was fined for his indiscipline and he was dropped from the team for World Cup.

#6 Marlon Samuels

Marlon Samuels in bblImage Source

Most controversial cricketers : Regarded as one of the best batsmen of West Indies team, Marlon Samuels has been involved in several scandals. In 2012, during the Big Bash League in Melbourne, Samuel held David Hussey who was at non striker’s end and was trying to take a run at Samuel’s delivery. When it was Samuel’s turn to bat, Shane Warne reacted angrily when he was bowling to him.

Warne threw the ball towards Samuel, who in return threw his bat towards Warne. Both the players were suspended. During the 2014-2015, Samuel was involved in verbal feud with Ben Stokes and many experts labeled his behavior as immature.

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