7 Moments When Dhoni Showed His Anger 

Ms dhoni anger moments :MS Dhoni has always been quoted as the Mr. Cool of the cricket world and he has carried over this persona throughout his cricketing career. Still, there have been times when even a cool-headed person like him has lost his cool in the midst of some heated moments at the cricket pitch and the recent incident during the IPL match between CSK and Rajasthan Royals was an example in the same regards.

Although there have been only a few of the instances in the same context, let’s take a look at 7 times when even MS Dhoni showed his anger on the pitch

Ms dhoni Anger Moments

#1 CSK vs RR (IPL 2019)

7 Moments When Dhoni Show His Anger 

This has happened quite recently when Rajasthan Royals battled it out with the team of CSK in a nail-biting match at Sawai Man Singh stadium at Jaipur.CSK did win the toss and elected to bat and they were been able to limit the Royals for an average score of 152 runs on a wicket that was playing tricky during the whole match.

In Reply, CSK lost 4 quick wickets and it seems like it would be an easy grab for the Royals after a while. Still, it was Rayudu and Dhoni who rescued their team away from trouble by holding a 95 runs partnership and took the match till last over. Whilst Rayudu got out, Dhoni stayed till the last over and with CSK requiring 18 runs to win, it could’ve gone either way. Unluckily, Dhoni got out but right when it was looking very unlikely for CSK to snatch a victory, they grabbed it out of the jaws of defeat via a six by the Kiwi all-rounder Mitchell center. During the same over, Stokes bowled a full toss ball which seems like above the waist for the batsman and even though the infield umpire gave it a no ball, the square leg umpire denied the call and quoted it as a legitimate delivery. This made Dhoni frustrated and he walked on to the field to argue about the same fact and the cricket world witnessed one of those rare moments when even a cool player like him showed his anger.

#2 India Vs Australia (2019)

7 Moments When Dhoni Show His Anger 

This was again an instance which has taken place in the recent ODI series between India and Australia at Adelaide and after been set a target of 299 runs for the victory, India was doing well with Dhoni and Karthik going great guns at the death. Still, it was due to the hot and humid weather around that he along with other players got to call for frequent medical assistance during the course of the match.

This was right when the rookie pacer Khaleel Ahmed who was holding the duties of a water boy came with the drinks and bashed heavily by MSD for walking on the pitch. The match was going through some intense moments and it was quite logical for Dhoni to make that call as the Pacers can take the undue advantage of the treads on the pitch and that could’ve cost India with the match. This shot the mercury up for the Indian wicketkeeper-batsman for some time but he still took his team home in a nerve-wracking match with an impressive score of 55 not out. Well, we can only wish that Khaleel would’ve had a nice sleep that day!

#3 India vs. South Africa (2018)

7 Moments When Dhoni Show His Anger 

This was during the 2nd T20I between South Africa and India at the supersport park when Dhoni was going well with Rishabh pant in a 98 runs stand and again and again, Pant was playing some loose shots whilst showing some casual attitude during the same. This was when he got to bear the brunt for Captain cool himself and this piece of the video went viral on social media in no time.

#4 India vs Srilanka (2017)

India vs Srilanka (2017)

This happened during the 2nd T20I between India and Sri Lanka and this time it was the left arm china men bowler Kuldeep Yadav who became the victim of dhoni’s anger. During the match, Dhoni was constantly asking Kuldeep to change the field as he has anticipated the tactics of the Sri Lankan batsman out of his big experience in the International cricket. Still, it was Yadav who kept on denying the changes but right then Dhoni himself took the call and changed the field placements for his bowling.

Eventually, it paid off and Indian won the match by 88 runs with Kuldeep grabbing some crucial wickets for his team in the process.

#5 India vs. Bangladesh (2015)

 India vs. Bangladesh (2015)

Dhoni has always been a quick runner between the wickets and this is something which has been one of his qualities as a batsman, still, it was during the ODI between India and Bangladesh when he got angry after been interrupted by Bangladeshi pacer Mustafizur Rehman for coming in his way whilst completing a run. Dhoni shoved him off and Mustafizur got a slight injury after dropping the process. Moreover, Dhoni has been fined for his inappropriate behavior whilst Mustafizur was also been penalized for his reaction in the same process.


#6 India vs Australia (2012)

 India vs Australia (2012)

This happened during one of the exciting matches of the famous CB series when Dhoni once again lost his cool during the match against Australia. The incident took place when Aussie batsman, Mike Hussey was stumped by Indian part-timer bowler Suresh Raina and just when Mike was back to the pavilion, umpire Billy Bowden called him back out of some misunderstanding.

This didn’t go good with Dhoni and he got indulged in an argument with Umpire Billy Bowden about the whole issue and the matter got resolved once it’s been identified that the third umpire adjudged Hussey as out in error. Although things went normal lately Dhoni was still not looking happy with the kind of umpiring displayed by two of the most experienced umpires in International cricket.

#7 CSK vs RR (IPL 2018)

CSK vs RR (IPL 2018)

This happened between one of the matches in the IPL 2018 and the CSK bowlers were surprisingly been bashed by RR batsman Jos Butler. Whilst Butler was going all guns blazing in the match, it was the CSK bowlers who were continuously bowling the wrong length to give him numerous chances in the same process.

Dhoni, on the other side, was miffed by the same act and he also showed his anger whilst throwing the ball after completing a catch during the match. It was clear that he is frustrated after seeing his bowlers not listening to him and that was something which cost them the match eventually.

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