‘Mohammed Shami is an outstanding bowler’ Says West Indies Cricket Great

'Mohammed Shami is an outstanding bowler' Says West Indies Cricket Great

As much commotion as the batters caused in IPL 2023, the bowlers also put up a fantastic show. The former great player of the West Indies team Ian Bishop, has made a significant revelation against an Indian bowler.

Indian bowler Mohammed Shami has received accolades from Ian Bishop for his outstanding performance in the IPL 2023 and for his ability to take wickets during the powerplay. Bishop emphasised that early victories are more significant than wickets taken later in an innings, therefore Shami’s success in the first few overs was essential. In the 16th IPL season, this guy has put up an incredible display.

He compared Shami’s bowling action to those of other Indian fast bowlers Mohammed Siraj and Bhuvneshwar Kumar, highlighting Shami’s propensity for regularly bowling a difficult line and length with a touch of velocity. Bishop complimented Shami for his role in stopping the opposition’s run chase and for being an exceptional bowler, particularly in recent years.

According to Bishop, “he had 15 powerplay wickets. It explains the relative importance of early wickets versus late wickets. You then turn to Bhuvi (Bhuvneshwar Kumar), although Bhuvi is not to blame. Bhuvi was outstanding, taking 4 wickets in the final over, but Shami bowls a test length, a test line and length, very effectively, and Siraj has been terrific this season when he is able to bowl at that level”.

Due to his 23 wickets in 13 games thus far, Mohammed Shami is also the current purple cap holder in this season.