Meet the finalist teams of Boys and Girls Category in 6th Junior Kabaddi Federation Tournament

The years 2022 and 2023 will be known as the years of Kabaddi since this well-liked sport has given devoted players a platform, improved their lifestyles monetarily, and most importantly, players are now recognizable on the streets.

In order to prepare for the road to the final, we will thoroughly examine some of the past performances of our two finalist teams as the game nears its conclusion with the final match remaining in the flagship event.

Below, in tabular form, are the semi-finalist teams that made it to the final four.

Serial Number Teams Categories
1 SAI Boys
2 Chandigarh Boys
3 Haryana Boys
4 Rajasthan Boys
Semifinal 1 Results
Semi-finalist 2 Teams

Semi-finalist Results between the four teams are shared below:

Serial Number Semi-finalist Teams Result
1 Match number 1 between SAI vs Chandigarh 56-35( in favor of SAI)
2 Match number 2 between Rajasthan vs Haryana 40-33(in favor of Haryana)

At 5 o’clock, a final between the two powerhouses SAI and Haryana will be contested; it will be interesting to watch who wins.

Harayana vs SAI

Watch Sai and Haryana, two of your favourite players in the Girls Division, compete against one another for the crown in one last ride.

Catch all the moments of the match live on Sportzcraazy Kabaddi who are the official broadcaster for this marquee event.

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Junior Kabaddi players need competitions like these so they can hone their talents, pick the brains of industry leaders, and do marvels when they go to a greater platform in the future.

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