Let’s know about the teams and players participating in Real Kabaddi League season 2 in detail

The Real Kabaddi League season 2 is scheduled to start on September 21. Sportszraazy will provide all updates and news regarding the tournament as the major Kabaddi event comes closer. In this article, we will be revealing the Head coach and Players from two teams and leading up to the tournament, Sportscraazy will uncover the remaining six teams in the Real Kabaddi League season 2


 Head Coach – Jasbeer Hooda



  1. Naveen Sharma (Captain) (Position) – R. Cover
  2. Lakshya (Position) – Raider
  3. Happy (Position) – Raider
  4. Bhavishya (Position) – All-rounder
  5. Hritik (Position) – Raider
  6. Atul (Position) – R. Cover
  7. Amit (Position) – R. Cover/ Defender
  8. Ashish (Position) – LC/R
  9. Mayank (Position) – All Rounder
  10. Vinod (Position) – L. Corner
  11. Pradeep (Position) – R. Corner


The Shekhawati Kings have consolidated a really strong team, which is capable of putting brilliant performances and can impose their dominance over opposing teams.




Head Coach – Rajesh Kumar




  1. Sourabh (Position) – Raider
  2. Hritik (Position) – Raider
  3. Rahul (Position) – Raider
  4. Prince (Position) – R. Cover
  5. Shailendra (Position) – L. Cover
  6. Hritik (Position) – R. Cover
  7. Ankit (Position) – L. Cover
  8. Ajay (Position) – Raider
  9. Lakshya (Position) – Raider
  10. Anirudh (Position) – R. Cover
  11. Pankaj (Position) – R. Cover


  1. Aniket (Position) – Cover
  2. Ankush (Position) – Raider
  3. Raman (Position) – R. Cover


The Bikana Riders have some incredibly intriguing players, and their Raiders in particular seem quite well-built. The team is capable of achieving some excellent outcomes and can surprise the opposition.

Everything related to Real Kabaddi league season 2 you want to know as ardent Kabaddi fan in detail

Real Kabaddi League is a great opportunity for all the players to leave their mark. The tournament will encourage homegrown players and provide them a platform from where they can proceed to play in the Pro Kabaddi League and eventually represent India at the highest level. RKL will feature 70% of Rajasthani players and 30% of players will be from other sports. In just 3 days, the kabaddi extravaganza will begin. Stay tuned with Sportscraazy for more.

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