Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League – Unfolding of a new platform for the next-gen talent

‘Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League witnessed an overwhelming response from the Kabaddi  fraternity across the mega city’

The Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League is commencing soon and the final round of trials wrapped up on the 4th of July 2022. The Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League, ever since its announcement has become the talk of the town and has created a stir among the entire Kabaddi community of Mumbai. With more than 1800 players registering themselves for the MMKL Trials, and more than 25k people tuning in on SportVot to catch the LIVE action from the Trials, MMKL Maha Trials made sure of unlimited entertainment, overwhelming emotions, and ultimate sports bonanza! The reward of the trials being a spot in the auctions and a potential chance to participate in the MMKL, the stakes were at an all-time high for the athletes and so was the passion and intensity on the ground!

The Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League carried out an entirely digitized process for player registration to payment of fees and ultimately the player ratings and results via the SportVot app. Thus, simplifying the process for the athletes as well as the organizers and bringing grassroots kabaddi into the digital world!

Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League
Maha Mumbai Kabaddi league

The Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League, as the name suggests is a league that is set out to celebrate kabaddi and kabaddi talent across the mega-city. The league is structured in a way that every region from the Mumbai suburbs has a representation, thus, having 14 franchises, 10 men’s franchises, and 4 women’s franchises with 3 teams each – Juniors, Sub-Juniors, and Seniors. The MMKL has successfully onboarded people from 10 different organizations for franchises. The league is in a true sense catching a lot of eyeballs as it welcomes MyTeam11 and Sports Tiger as supporting partners for the tournament.

With the completion of the final round of the trials, the MMKL is all set to go into the auction by the 16th of July. The final round of selection is going to be an auction round for which 800+ have been shortlisted from the trials. The 800 athletes are segregated into three categories based on their ratings for their performances in the trials. The teams will have access to data and video footage of the players to make an informed decision and have a fair chance of creating a highly competitive squad. The auctions will be giving more than 800 players a chance to get selected and play in the MMKL.

Sidhhant Agarwal, Founder & CEO of SportVot, shared with us, “The vision behind the Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League has always been very clear in our minds. We want to create a mega platform for the kabaddi talent in Mumbai and, along with that, we also want to make the most use of the technology that we have developed to spread, celebrate and modernize the game across the globe! The participation that we have received for the Trial round and the general buzz around the tournament has assured us that the community was indeed ready, in fact, eagerly waiting for such developments. We are really looking forward to the draft/auctions and the season ahead! “

While one of the players from the trials expressed, “This is the first time we have experienced such a professional approach and particularity in the arrangements, the digital process was also extremely easy, and frankly, it was really exciting to register online and also understand the whole player tracking and profiling process. And personally, the fact that the trial matches were streamed LIVE really boosted our spirits and made us realize the magnitude at which we are playing!”

The Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League will have its auctions/draft round by the 16th of July so stay tuned as more exciting details will be coming out about the tournament in the coming week.

Source: Press Release