5 Lionel Messi Records that are Impossible to Break

5 Lionel Messi Records that are Impossible

Lionel Messi Records: The world of football has seen some of the best players in the past few years but there’s hardly any who have ruled the hearts and minds of the football fans like Lionel Messi. Messi isn’t just a football player, he is an artist who carves the ball with utmost perfection, take it further like a smooth and enjoyable ride and finish it with all the best perfection in the process.

Every time he enters the football arena, he draws the attention of every football fan with his unmatched skills and technique on the football pitch. You might not put much of thought toward the number of goals he scored, but the way he scored them, is something which is worth talking about in all of the discussions about him. So while few of the fans would continue arguing about his greatness or his comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo, let’s take a look at some of his records, which are impossible to break.

#1 Most number of goals in La Liga’s history

Lionel MessiImage Source

Number of goals: 388

Lionel Messi Records: There is little to doubt about Messi’s dominance in the La Liga and over the years, he has proved himself to be the best ever La Liga player with most number of goals under his name (388). Well this is not it, he has scored all; these goals in just 424 matches which certainly makes it 0.92 goals scored per game to be precise.

This is quite phenomenal whilst looking at the quality of defenders he has to face all along his career and this is certainly something which makes him as one of the all time greatest footballers on the planet. Moreover, this record seems impossible to be broken as the nearest threat to his highest goal scoring spree in La Liga was another football megastar Cristiano Ronaldo. Still as Ronaldo has switched to Juventus and he is probably not coming back to La Liga anytime soon, the record made by Messi for the most number of goals seems unbreakable. Moreover, there is hardly any player around who carry the same kind of finesse and sublime touch in the football and this is something which is synonymous to Messi.

#2 Four consecutive Ballon D’ Or awards

lionel messi Ballon D' Or awardsImage Source

Years: 2009-2012

Lionel Messi Records: Although we all know that both Messi and Ronaldo holds 5 Ballon D’ Or awards in their careers, Messi holds an added advantage of getting rewarded with the same 4 consecutive times(2009-2012) which is quite a remarkable achievement whilst looking at the competitiveness around in the world of football nowadays.

On the other side, we can surely give it to the sublime efforts, dedication, spirit, skill and an undying resilience of this Argentinean footballer over the past decade which makes him one of the best footballers of the current era. Moreover, his record of most number of successive Ballon D’ Or awards is surely immortal once we take a look at the current crop of footballers against the rising competitive nature of the game in the process.

#3 Most number of Assists in La Liga

lionel messi AssistImage Source

Number of assists: 151

Lionel Messi Records: This is another record by Messi which certainly seems unbreakable in the context of the game of footballs in recent times. You can’t really question the capability and talent which Messi posses and that is something which has made him such a big threat in front of the goal for all his opponents around the world. He simply deceives every other player with utmost ease whilst scoring all those goals around and if that wasn’t enough, he has made all those brilliant assists to let other players of his team scoring all those crucial goals for them in the process.

As of now, he has almost more than 151 assists in the La Liga which is most by any player in the history of the league. On top of that, we must look at the quality of players against whom he scores and assists most of the time and that is something which makes him a special player in all sorts. Moreover, with football becoming more competitive and aggressive, there’s hardly any player who can come near to his record of most number of assist in La Liga and his nearest competitor in the same aspect was his own former teammate Iniesta who has made a switch to the Chinese super league recently.

#4 Youngest Player to Win 4 Ballon D’ Or Award

lionel messi first ballon d'or 2009Image Source

Age whilst winning 4 ballon D Or: 22 years

Lionel Messi Records: 22 years is that stage of life for a person, when he or she is still struggling to find their passion or motive in their life and Lionel Messi, on the other side, had 4 Ballon D Or to his name at the same age. Ballon D’ Or is certainly the most prestigious individual award in the world of football and almost every single player around the world looks towards it during some point or the other in his career.

Moreover, whilst every other player finds it really hard to win this coveted prize their entire career, Messi did this in his 22nd year only and this is something really special to his name. You may doubt his greatness whilst being in comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo, but this is some record which is not a child play at a tender age of just 22 years. Well, with no other younger player around making such a huge impact on the world of football recently, we can surely count this record as unbeatable at any point of time.

#5 Most Number of Goals in a Calendar Year

Most Number of Goals in a Calendar Year by MessiImage Source

Number of goals: 91 goals in 2012

Lionel Messi Records: Messi can undoubtedly be quoted as the most impactful player of this generation and he has rattled certain records on his way to greatness during his prolific career until now. While Gerd Muller used to hold the record of most number of goals in a calendar year (85) in 1972, Messi breached the mark with 91 goals in 2012. This certainly shows that there is hardly anyone who can match the skills and talent possessed by this magnificent footballer.

Whilst we are counting these goals, it also includes the numbers of goals scored by him for both his national team and club in the process and this proves that he is not only a sublime footballer in La Liga but around the world as well. His took just 69 matches to score all these goals and this shows his sheer domination and efforts on the football pitch against his opponents.

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