Lebron James reveals on what he missed the most during quarantine

NBA legend Lebron James revealed during an interview on what he missed the most during the quarantine period. He revealed that he didn’t see his mother Gloria James for months now amidst the COVID-19 period.

“The only thing that I missed during the COVID and quarantine period was my mother,” James said. “It was the first time I went that long in my life without seeing my mom. I hadn’t seen my mom since All-Star weekend then I saw her two weeks, three weeks before we had to report to our respective cities. That was extreme for me.” according to news report quoted on LA times.

Nonetheless, he is all set to represent Lakers in the upcoming NBA league 2019-20 that will resume in Orlando. It will see all the top basketball stars performing for their club.

The major portion of his interview was not about Basketball, although some basketball was discussed. He said he doesn’t have any issue in considering the Most Valuable Player based on the performances before COVID-19.

I think that I’ve shown what I’m capable of doing,” said James, a four-time MVP. “Not only individually but from a team’s perspective, us being No. 1 in the West. There was a lot of conversation about LeBron can do those things in the East but if he ever came to the West what could he do? You know, haha, so I heard all of that. To be able to have our team at the top of the Western Conference and playing the way that we were playing at that time and the way I was playing, it’s definitely a good feeling.” James added.

James had represented Lakers this year in 9 games before the season and has scored 30 points, 9.4 assists, and 8. 2 rebounds.