Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanks Indian Kabaddi players for creating awareness against Coronavirus

Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanks Indian Kabaddi players for creating awareness against Coronavirus

We all know that what is happening all over the world as the pandemic has claimed so many lives and most countries are working hard to flatten the curve as vaccination is the most important stuff that you need to fight against the novel coronavirus.


Now the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has thanked the Indian Kabbadi Players for urging the people to download the “Aragoya Setu App” and app developed by the government. The app helps the people to have a fair idea about the cases that are going in there neighbourhood and can take appropriate actions to fight against them.

As Kabbadi Players in India have become famous due to the inception of Pro Kabaddi League and they are recognized among the sports lovers as the game is now broadcasted on the television and even “Star Sports” should get a lot of appreciation for that.

PM Modi recently congratulated the Kabbadi players as they are raising awareness among people to download the “Aragoya Setu” app and he replied on the twitter post which was posted by U Mumbai on Twitter.

Pro Kabbadi League Franchise U Mumba Players Ajinkya Kapre, Athul Ms, Surinder Singh, and Abhisekh Singh have asked people to download the “Aragoya Setu” app and stay safe.

The Prime Minister in his speech mentioned the “Aragoya Setu App” as the most important tool to fight against COVID 19. As the “Aragoya Setu app is an important tool to fight against COVID 19 as by leveraging technology it provides essential information”.

“As More and More people will download it and its effectiveness will increase accordingly”.

The best thing about this app is that people through this app can analyze the risk of catching the possible coronavirus infections based on personal interaction with others using artificial intelligence and Bluetooth algorithms.
This app has been built in partnership with Public and Private firms coming together.

The total number of coronavirus cases in India stands as of now is 12,380 and out of which 1489 has been cured and 414 people have been deceased as per the latest report from family and health welfare.

However, these numbers are reported some times before as the number might have increased. The cases are increasing every day despite sincere lockdown. We need to see that if the cases keep on increasing like this will lockdown extend beyond 3rd May or not.

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