Just Reminded The Players What Team They Were Playing For: Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma was really animated while captaining India in the T20I series decider against Bangladesh. The skipper had every reason to be grumpy. His team was just not showing enough intensity that he wanted from them.

The conditions were not ideal for India. There was a lot of dew and the bowlers were not able to grip the ball properly. Rohit understood that, but what he was upset about was the fact that India were making lapses in the field too.

India had opportunities to run Mohammad Naim out twice in a space of two deliveries, but the hosts missed both opportunities. And it’s not just the run-outs, India’s throwing in general was really sloppy.

When India got rid of Mohammad Mithun who was caught at long off, Rohit gathered his boys together and gave them a real lashing. He was making his points absolutely clear in that hurdle and it reflected in India’s body language later.

According to Rohit, all he told the team in the hurdle after Mithun’s wicket was that they were playing international cricket and were playing for their country. He wanted proper commitment on the field.

And, the players’ response to that was incredible. Not only was there more urgency and intensity in the body language after the hurdle, the throwing improved significantly as well.

Rohit Sharma reckons with the required run rate less than 9 in the last 8 overs, it was Bangladesh’s game to lose, but India showed mettle and hung in there when the going was tough.

“I know how tough it was given the dew. But this must be one of the best comebacks in this format for India. It was easy for them at one stage, with 70 needed in eight overs.” Rohit said after the game.

“I just had to remind what team they’re playing for, credit to the bowlers.” Rohit added.


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