IOA agrees to release funds to the NSFs if they promise to fulfill the norms

Narinder Batra

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) on Tuesday has said that it will release financial grants to those National Sports Federations (NSF) and State Olympic Associations (SOF) who are yet to submit the required forms and fulfill all the norms. 

Narinder Batra

IOA President Narinder Batra said in a letter addressing all the Presidents and Secretary Generals of National Sports Federations (NSF) and State Olympic Federations (SOF), saying that he is “requesting and seeking approval of IOA EC (Executive Committee), Chair & Members Finance Committee, Secretary-General and Treasurer”  for releasing the funds to them who haven’t submitted the required documents and are willing to fulfill the norms for that. 

“IOA has been providing financial assistance/grant to its affiliated NSF’s and SOA’s for the year 2018 -19 and has so far released funds to those members that have submitted the required documents,” Narinder Batra said.

“It has been observed that quite a few NSF’s/SOA’s have yet not submitted their required documents for releasing the grant.

“As the whole country is in lock-down due to the outbreak of COVID-19, in IOA we understand that the submission of the required documents will take time from your end.”  he further added. 

Earlier that day, IOA President thanked the NSFs by acknowledging their contribution towards the PM-CARES fund, helping in fighting the Coronavirus that has caused a financial stretch to the Indian Government. Showing his gratitude, Batra said, “Thank you for your support towards our national duty. We look up to other NSFs and state Olympic associations to also come forward in the hour of need, the contributions can be deposited directly by you in the PM Cares Fund under intimation to us,”

The whole country is currently under lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic as the total number of Coronavirus cases have reached 1397 in India, with 146 cases emerging in the last 24 hours. More than 120 people have been cured and discharged so far.