Kevin Pietersen brutally trolls Ahmad Shahzad, asks him to bat at No.13

Pietersen Trolls Shahzad

Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen has trolled the Pakistan cricketer Ahmad Shahzad saying he should bat at number 13 position in the Pakistan Super League. Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, due to which all the sporting activities have come to a halt, Pietersen went live on his Instagram account as he also interviewed Ahmad Shahzad during the live session. 

In that interview, Kevin Pietersen brutally trolled the Pakistani batsman by asking him about his poor performance in this year’s PSL for the Quetta Gladiators. Ahmad Shahzad has not played well in this year’s PSL as the 28-year-old batsman has only managed to score 61 runs in seven matches. 

During the live Pietersen ask Shahzad, “I just wanna hammer you about your batting. Why are you not scoring runs?”

Shahzad replied by saying, “Well, I have tried my best in this IPL [PSL]. I have been working really hard. Sometimes you know as a cricketer you are trying everything but it’s not coming. You cannot help it. You still have to believe in yourself whenever you go.”

To Shahzad’s formal response to his question, Pietersen quickly took a jibe at him as he said, “Shezzy (Shehzad), I am not a journalist. I am your buddy so don’t talk to me like you are in a f****** press conference, okay? Why are you not scoring runs?”

Shahzad reiterated as he said “You want a clear answer? I was playing (batting) No.3 and I tried but it was not helping me. It was my first time that I played the entire tournament at No.3. I never complained. I was doing my best, I tried my best but it was not coming.”

Pietersen’s trolling hadn’t ended there as it was at that time he took a big jibe at Shahzad “So you don’t wanna bat No.1, you can’t bat 2, you can’t bat three, you can’t bat 4, you can’t bat 5. I think you must go and bat at 13. Go and bat 13 for Quetta Gladiators next season No.13 for the third team, not even for the first team. You are gonna carry drinks,”  Pietersen said. 

So basically all of this started when Pietersen asked about his upbringing and how he moved to Northern Pakistan, Shahzad answered him by saying that his family was trying to “quarantine”. The wrong usage of the word triggered Pietersen as he started his trolling on Shahzad.