Indian Roller Sports Journey and Medalists at Asian Games

Roller Sports

A total of 62 athletes from 7 nations, including India, took part in roller sports during the inaugural appearance at the 2010 Asian Games. India managed to secure two bronze medals during this edition. 

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The roller sports events for the 2010 Asian Games unfolded at the Guangzhou Velodrome in Guangzhou, China, spanning from the 23rd to the 26th of November. Specifically, track roller speed skating unfolded from the 23rd to the 24th of November, followed by artistic roller skating between the 25th and 26th of November.

Participation Breakdown in Roller Sports: 2010 and 2018 Asian Games

In roller sports, the 2010 and 2018 editions of the Asian Games exhibited varying participation levels across nations. During the 2010 Asian Games, 62 athletes from 7 countries engaged in roller sports competition. China and Chinese Taipei led the way with 16 players each, followed by India with 12 athletes. Iran, Japan, and South Korea also contributed to the diverse field.

Fast forward to the 2018 Asian Games, and roller sports saw the involvement of 70 athletes hailing from 13 nations. China continued to be active with 11 players, while Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, and Indonesia featured fewer players. 

India’s presence remained steady with four players, alongside notable participation from countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, and more. This evolution in the number of players participating in roller sports underlines the growing enthusiasm for the sport across the Asian continent.

Influence on India’s Medal Performance in the 2010s Asian Games

In the 2010s edition of the Asian Games, the roller sports category witnessed varying levels of participation. During the 2010 edition, 12 players engaged in the competition, equally divided between 6 male and six female athletes. 

However, by the time the 2018 edition arrived, the number of participants had dwindled to just four individuals. This decrease in participation contributes to India’s inability to secure any medals in the 2018 games, further highlighting the significance of athlete presence in achieving success.

Indian Medalists in Roller Sports at Asian Games

In the context of roller sports in the Asian Games, India’s performance has fluctuated. In 2010, India secured two bronze medals, marking a notable achievement in the sport. However, the trajectory took a different turn in 2014, as roller sports and other events were dropped from the Asian Games lineup. 

In the subsequent edition in 2018, India participated again and didn’t clinch any medals, revealing the competitive nature of the field and the challenges in securing a podium position. In Roller Sport, India displayed its talent and determination at the Asian Games. Anup Kumar Yama emerged as a tough competitor, securing a Bronze medal in the Men’s Free category. 

Additionally, the dynamic duo of Anup Kumar Yama and Avani Panchal teamed up impressively in the Pairs event, demonstrating their synchronized finesse and earning another Bronze medal for India’s tally.