History of Basketball in Asian Games over the years


Since the beginning, basketball has been a feature of the Asian Games, a multi-sport competition held every four years for athletes from Asia. Basketball at the Asian Games has a long history of fierce rivalry, popularity growth, and the creation of several regionally powerful teams. Here is a timeline of basketball’s involvement in the Asian Games.

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Beginnings of the Asian Games (1951–1966)

The Asian Games initially took place in 1951 in New Delhi, India, and featured basketball. With numerous gold medals, the Philippines dominated basketball at the early Asian Games. As the sport grew in prominence in Asia, nations like China, South Korea, and Japan started to field potent squads.

New Challengers’ Entrance (1970s–1980s)

More nations started to compete in basketball as the Asian Games went on. Iran, Taiwan (now Chinese Taipei), and India began to take on the established basketball superpowers. The sport experienced considerable growth and participation in the 1970s and 1980s, which helped to advance basketball in Asia as a whole.

The Dominance of China (1990-2000)

In the 1990s and 2000s, China became a strong power in Asian Games basketball. Both the Chinese men’s and women’s teams often won medals, including gold. China dominated the sport during this period in Asia.

Modern-day Era (2010–Present)

Numerous Asian nations continued to compete fiercely in the Asian Games. While other nations also enhanced their basketball programs, South Korea, Iran, the Philippines, Japan, and Chinese Taipei remained competitive basketball nations. With nations like South Korea, Japan, and Australia (as a guest team) demonstrating their prowess, women’s basketball also rose to prominence.


The Asian Games’ basketball competitions have a long tradition of fostering friendship and cross-cultural understanding among Asian nations. It has given athletes the chance to compete at the highest level on a global stage while representing their countries and being a part of the hall of fame.