History of Roller Sports at Asian Games

Roller Sports

Roller sports made its debut in the Asian Games in 2010, the edition of the games that took place in New Delhi, India. Roller sports involve players wearing shoes with small wheels, allowing them to move swiftly on a track. Players utilize techniques like pushing and using gravity to propel themselves forward. These shoes typically feature polyurethane wheels and bearings for smooth movement.

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Roller Sports have been featured twice in the history of the Asian Games. Its debut occurred in 2010, followed by a second appearance in 2018. During the 2010 Asian Games, 62 athletes representing seven nations participated in roller sports.

Subsequently, in the 2018 Asian Games, the number of athletes increased to 70, hailing from 13 countries. However, Roller Sport was dropped from the 2014 Asian Games and several other events such as cue sports, dancesport, softball, dragon boat racing, and board games like chess, go, and xiangqi.

Rolling to Victory: Top 5 Nations in Asian Games Roller Sports History

In the history of Asian Games in sports excellence, these nations have left an indelible mark on the Asian Games, captivating audiences with their dazzling performances and unyielding spirit. The history of roller sports in the Asian Games has witnessed exceptional performances from nations around the continent. 

Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei stands tall at the summit, etching their dominance with 12 medals. Chinese Taipei medal collection sparkles with six gold, four silver, and two bronze, solidifying their reputation as roller sport champions.


Japan glides swiftly into second place, showcasing their proficiency on the roller rink. Japan’s roller sports prowess shines brightly with six medals, including four gold and two silver.

South Korea

South Korea claims the third spot with a substantial tally of 10 medals. Their collection of 3 gold, three silver, and four bronze medals reflects their unwavering dedication to excelling in various roller sport disciplines.


China, known for its athletic power, secures the fourth position with ten medals. Among them, they boast one gold, four silver, and five bronze medals, underlining their adaptability and skill in roller sports.


The Philippines completes the top five with a single gold medal. While their count may be modest, their victory in a specific event showcases their potential and impact in roller sports.