Indian Football Latest Updates: 5 Takeways from Roadmap 2047 that we should know in detail


The All India Football Federation (AIFF), whose new head is Kalyan Chaubey, has successfully undergone a regime shift.

After regaining power, they started the “AFC Roadmap 2047” project, where they work with the necessary infrastructure to make India a superpower in Asian football.

We shall outline the following 5 Key Takeaways from Roadmap 2047 in this article one by one in the below format:

  1. Currently in Men’s Football we have less than 100 developmental clubs but based on reform, they are planning to have close to 700 developmental clubs in the country.
  2. The competition will be organized at distinct levels which will include U-13,U-15,U-17,U-19 and U-21)where every player will play minimum 35 games per season.
  3. AIFF Elite Youth League and Local State League will be conducted simultaneously and the teams who will win both these leagues successfully will directly qualify for next year’s Elite Youth League.
  4. AIFF have also proposed an idea for 20 state associations to implement Women’s Youth League before 2047 as it will ultimately benefit women’s football.
  5. An Instututional League will be set up going forward as players from university level will get an opportunity to progress at highest level by catering the challenges thrown at local level.

Let me explain the AIFF 2047 roadmap in a different approach. Players that perform well at the City or District levels will be automatically moved to a lower tier of the Youth League.

If they succeed in these Youth Leagues, they will have the chance to advance to the Elite Youth League.

They will have the option to wear the national colour for India if they perform well in the I- League and the ISL once they advance from the Elite Youth League.