Iconic Venues in the 50-over World Cup

Iconic Venues in the 50-over World Cup

One of the most prominent competitions in 50-over cricket is the ICC Cricket World Cup, which begins on October 5. There are several locations in India that are famous, have made significant historical records, and are iconic. You will see the 50-over World Cup’s most famous stadium in this page.

Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai)

Wankhade Stadium is one of the most prestigious and well-known venues. The 34,000-seat stadium had a capacity when it was erected in 1974. Sunil Gavaskar‘s 205 against the West Indies and Ms. Dhoni’s legendary six during the 2011 World Cup are two records that were broken on this pitch, but his raising of his hand was the most amazing thing that ever happened there.

Narendra Modi Stadium (Ahmedabad)

Motera Stadium is another name for Narendra Modi Stadium. On the Sabarmati River’s bank is this area of land. One of the biggest stadiums in the entire world, it. With a 132,000-person capacity, this stadium is one of the biggest in the world. On this ground, Pakistan has a number of records against it. In 2013, Sachin Tendulkar amassed 30,000 runs internationally, and Sunil Gavaskar reached 10,000 Test runs. On this pitch, South Africa’s 365 against India is the highest total. India scored 194 runs, lost 3 wickets, and defeated Zimbabwe by 7 wickets in the 1987 World Cup match.

Eden Garden (Kolkata)

One of the most recognisable grounds is Eden Garden. In 1864, the stadium was constructed. On this ground, numerous records have been seen. whereas this stadium can accommodate 68,000 people. In addition to hosting the 1987 ODI (One Day International), Eden Garden also played home to the finals in 1996, 1987, and 2011. Emily Eden inspired the naming of this place. However, one of the most memorable events for India and Eden Garden in 2014 was Rohit Sharma’s 264 in 173 balls against Sri Lanka. Eden Garden saw a raucous throng at the stadium.

Feroz Shah Kotla (Delhi)

The Arun Jaitly Stadium is often referred to as Feroz Shah Kotla. This facility can accommodate 41,842 people. The West Indies’ 330 against this field’s greatest total. This field was founded in 1883. Ravindra Jadeja took nine wickets in six games between 2009 and 2019. This field’s lowest total is 99 runs. However, only 10 ODI games have been played on this field till yet. Both the batting team and the chasing squad each won five games. So far, 370 fours and 67 sixes have been scored. The bowler had a strike rate of 33.80 and an average of 27.07 while taking 70 wickets in 10 ODIs.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium (Nagpur)

One of the most recognisable venues is the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, built in 2008. One-day international (ODI) matches have been held seven times at Vidarbha Cricket Stadium thus far. The chasing team won five games, while the side batting first won two. In 4027 deliveries on this pitch, 4002 runs have been scored. With a strike rate of 99.3, the run average over both innings is 571.71. On this terrain, a 354 is the greatest score and a 206 is the lowest. With a strike rate of 39.87, the spinner took 70 wickets in the most recent seven games.

MA Chidambaram Stadium (Chennai)

MA One of the most famous locations is the Chidambaram Stadium. There are over 36,000 people who can fit on this pitch. There have been 12 ODI games scheduled overall. While the first-batting squad triumphed eight times, the second-batting team triumphed four times. In 6068 deliveries, 5245 runs have been scored in all. Chepauk Ground is another name for this famous field. The lowest total on this field is 68, while the best score is 360 in ODI. The spinner had an average of 28.19 and a strike rate of 32.62 in 12 ODI games while taking 70 wickets.

M. Chinnaswamy Stadium (Bengaluru)

The M. Chinnanswamy Stadium is among the most recognisable stadiums. In 1969, the stadium was constructed. Nine One Day Internationals were played, with four victories going to the team batting first and four victories going to the team chasing first. 5050 runs have been scored on this pitch in 4698 deliveries. With a strike rate of 103.8, the average run is 561.11. On this field, though, the greatest score is 383 and the lowest is 166. In nine games, the bowler took 70 wickets. Fast medium-paced bowlers claimed 12 wickets, medium-paced bowlers claimed 2, left-arm bowlers claimed 8 wickets with LBW and bowled by 5 wickets, fast medium-paced bowlers claimed 11 wickets, and slow bowlers claimed 34 wickets. On this pitch, 47 catches have been made, with 4 being stumped and 7 being LBW.

Mohali Stadium (Punjab)

One of the most recognisable locations is Mohali Stadium, home of the Pakistan Cricket Association. There have been 10 ODI games scheduled on this field. The side that batted second won six games compared to the team that batted first’s four victories. The lowest score ever recorded on this pitch is 226 runs, while the greatest score is 392 runs. However, the bowler had a strike rate of 39.47 and an average of 38.46 while taking 70 wickets in 10 ODI games.