“I would make a good Hindi commentator due to my good timing of humor”- Shikhar Dhawan

Ashiwn and dhwan

Shikhar Dhawan is one of the fun-loving members of the Indian team who is also known for his blunt opinions as he shared some lighter aspects of his life during a recent Instagram live session with fellow teammate Ravichandran Ashwin.

Shikhar Dhawan

It was an interesting live chat as they both went on talk about each and every topic related to cricket as well as life in general. The highlight of that chat was his relationship that he shares with his fellow batting partner Murali Vijay.

Where Shikhar Dhawan said, “Sometimes he acts like my wife as the duo argues a lot while batting together and I always tell him you are like my wife”. The 34-year-old batsman from Delhi also praised Murali Vijay and called him a lovely character and superb human being.

“On the field, off the field, he is a lovely character. I know him very closely. He is a beautiful soul but for certain things, he is a bit like (not like this or not like that) while I am very bindass (free flowing),” Dhawan added.

“When we don’t take a quick single or something like that, we have an argument but it gets sorted with time. It is difficult to understand him sometimes,” Dhawan said.

Dhawan not only talked about his current playing carrier but also was confident that the day when he will hang up his boots he will take commentary as a profession and he is supremely confident that he will do good in the commentary.

For which he gave proper reasons as he added “See my strength is my sense of humour so I will be very good in commentary when I choose to do it. I will be good especially in Hindi because my sense of humour is very sharp, I can also become a motivational speaker, I could take my flute along for motivational speeches, this is my charm, I could charm people with all the tools at my disposal,”

They also had an interesting conversation about the Mankad incident of Jos Butler by Ravichandran Ashwin for which Ashwin was heavily criticized by cricket fans.